Rabbits are addicting!!!!

I spent a good deal of time yesterday just messing with the rabbits.  They are addicting!!!!

Yesterday, I bought six young hens to add to the flock.  Those poor creatures.  They were confined in a mud hole.  Their food was on the ground covered in feces.  They are in a much better place here.

Last night, Wally and I went on a chicken catching mission.  I’m tired of chickens roosting everywhere.  I am going to leave the ones that we caught up for a few hours this morning.  On the agenda this weekend is getting the chicken house in better shape.  That’s a project that’s long overdue.

There’s been one rooster that has been particularly difficult to catch.  Well, last night, Wally plucked him out of the tree he was roosting in and he’s now up in a small run until Saturday when he’ll go to his new home.

I had a bad night’s sleep last night.  I can’t get over this darned cold.  It’s in my chest now and I cough a lot.  It’s probably just as well that I have not had any interviews because I wouldn’t want a potential employer to think that I’m sickly.

We are going to ride this Saturday at South Mountain and I am probably going to take Sudi this time.

It’s still bothering me trying to figure out who sent me the Buck DVD and book.  When I couldn’t sleep this morning, I got up and read it for a little while.  I’m likely going to be drawn to reading it today and may not get much done.

I did not get as much done yesterday as I wanted to.  As you’ll know from the photos I posted yesterday, I did get into the garden and harvested a huge tub of greens for the rabbits.  I likely picked too much as I don’t think they’ll eat all I gave them.  I’ll stick to a bucket next time.  It’s okay, whatever they don’t eat will go under the cages for compost.

I can’t believe how good Narley is doing.  She started wining around 4:00 AM so I got up and put them both out for a few minutes.  She had not lived in the house before and I can’t believe she hasn’t had an accident in the house, but she hasn’t.  Yesterday, I sent Gel to bring up Gwen and she went with him.  She’s been following him on his outruns.  She comes in tight and barks which disturbs the stock, but she is trying to do something.  She went with Gel to get Gwen and after a few minutes, returned to me.  I then told “go get that cow” and she headed back out and got behind her barking.  That got Gwen going at a fast clip, something I didn’t want, so I called her back.  She’s got a bit of instinct to work, but I don’t think she wants to work bad enough to be trained to work properly.

I’m so glad the temperatures have been quite warm so far.  Hard to believe it’s the middle of December and will be close to 70 degrees today.  After two cold, hard winters, it’s nice to have a mild one.  Of course, it’s not winter yet.  It’s really foggy out this morning.

Until later …