On-line Application Hell

I’m in the process of filling out yet another on-line application; it’s on hold until I go out and get my driver’s license out of my purse that’s in the truck.  I’m sick to death of filling out applications.  I’m worried, however, that starting in January, jobs are going to become even more scarce.  I know the restaurant business slows down dramatically in January.  What businesses stay busy no matter what?  I can’t think of any, but they must exist.

Two more does kindled Wednesday night.  The older Creme doe had six, one dead.  The New Zealand doe had 15!!!!!!!  Damn!!!!!  I took four of them and put them on the Creme doe.  There’s no way they’ll all survive.  Some people would just cull them now, but I’d rather let nature take it’s course.  Unfortunately one of the older Creme bunnies died.  He must have fallen in the water bowl and then got stuck between the back side of the nesting box and the cage wall and froze to death.

They colors that were born to the New Zealand doe ought to be interesting.  Some seemed to be solid black, some solid white and others multi-colored.  I can’t wait to see what they look like as they get fur.  The Chin babies are pretty much out and about now.  I’ll probably take their big nest box out, giving them a smaller one to get into to stay warm.  Needless to say, we’ll need to build more nest boxes ASAP.  I’ll need to look for more rabbit recipes.  We’ve got people asking to buy them so that’s a good thing.  We’re still about a month away from another harvest.

I got a good amount of housecleaning done yesterday.  I really like having a clean house.  I moved the two smaller freezers into the former junk room.

Gosh, it’s 7:30 already … I was just on Facebook trying to track down people that used to work at MM.  Maybe FB has its uses.

Until later …

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  1. I know how you feel,I applied for a part time position with Bi-Lo and it was ridiculous.The little of your blog I have read has been interesting.We are in the beginning stages of starting our farm/homestead.

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