Fitness Program

In anticipation of going back to agility next week after we are through with the ASCA trial I took the dogs for a run this morning and I ran with them.  They thought that was an absolutely delightful idea, my running that is, or maybe they were laughing at me, that’s probably it.

I realized this morning that Gel is really not terribly confident working cattle; he likes me to think he has it all in hand, but I see his lack of confidence in his driving.  Back when I first started driving with him, he fought me tooth and nail wanting to go to the heads of the stock and turn them back to me.  He’ll drive the sheep and ducks pretty well now, especially if I use whistles and keep him moving using little flanks.  He is not the type of dog who is going to drive stock from here to Kingdom Come on his own; he’d fetch from Kingdom Come, but not drive.  Some dogs are natural drivers.  Gel is not.  Perhaps if I had started driving sooner it may have been different.

I said a few days ago that the calves had stopped kicking.  I was wrong.  They are now kicking with earnest.  Beasts.  They want to go where they want to go and do not want to be told where to go by an animal who is an eighth their size.

Finger update:  it’s almost 100 percent healed and I feel 110 percent.  I feel like a thousand pounds have been lifted off me.  That is an amazing feeling. 

It looks like I’ll be able to take a half day at work today.  We are a bit slow.  There are a number of big deals in the works and they’ll probably all hit at the same time.  I might as well take the time now while it is slow because I won’t be able to be off when it’s busy.  It will be good to get this ASCA trial done and over.  I really don’t like traveling or being away from home.  I plan to have my car completely packed, including the cooler, before I go to bed tonight to avoid early morning slides down the stairs.