Okay, I’ve been dubbed an extremist so in order to make sure that everyone knows of my status,
I’m going to shave my head and then have these two tattoos placed on the front and back of my skull so that everyone will know, coming and going, that I’m anti-vaccination and pro-raw feeding. They won’t even need to read this blog or tell (I should say warn) anyone else about me or my views.

I was asked on a on-line stock dog forum (probably not a good place for me to hang out, as they tend to be extremists) how I could enforce the section of my contract that indicates that my health guaranties will be null and void if the caregiver does not keep the puppy/dog on a home-prepared raw diet. If I saw the dog, I would know if it had been eating kibble or a raw diet. It’s quite obvious to me after over fifteen years of feeding an exclusively raw diet to my cats and now dogs. Kibble-fed, even partially kibble-fed, even dogs feed a commercially prepared raw diet, look and smell different. I suppose if I am an extremist, I shouldn’t get down on them for being extremists should I? Or maybe I should look at it in a homeopathic sense, if like cures like, then if we hang out together we’ll all become easy going, non-confrontational beings. Something to hope for.

Good news, two of the puppies, not sure which ones yet, are going to go to Canada. One is going to a herding/agility home, the other an agility home! That’s a relief. One is staying local and going to an active family home. That leaves just one puppy to find a performance home for.