Natural Tick Repellent

I’ve received several e-mails from people looking for my “formula” for my natural flea and tick repellent.

The best thing I think you can do is just to purchase the formulas listed on this site.  I’ve heard they work well.  I ordered the powder and the lotion for my dogs and I’ll report on how it does.  My dogs don’t like to be sprayed so I think applying a lotion on the contact spots, i.e. ears, top of head and neck, it may make my dogs happier.  They are going to have to tolerate being sprayed on some days to keep mosquitoes off.

The following herbs are known to repel ticks and other insects:  rose geranium, penny royal, garlic, french basil, cedar, cinnamon, citronella, lemon, peppermint, tea tree oil and lavender.  I’m sure there are others I haven’t listed.  You’d spend a lot of money ordering bottles of all thease essential oils so I think it would be more cost effective to just buy the formulas already made up.  I can buy them wholesale so it isn’t so bad for me to make up my own sprays.

Regarding tick borne disease.  I have noticed on the Border Collie and other Boards that tick borne disease has become one of the diseases du jour so apparently it is becoming quite common in dogs.  My feeling on that is if the dog is immune suppressed or otherwise compromised, then it will be more susceptible to tick borne disease.  Keep your dog healthy by avoiding annual vaccinations, feed a species-appropriate diet and environment, that’s very, very important for the health of your dogs.  Keep them active and entertained, physically and mentally.

My friend Marcus has three older dogs, they are about twelve.  I wouldn’t have believed that if he didn’t tell me.  They look really good.  He does not vaccinate them annually, he feeds a good amount of meat, he doesn’t use heart worm or flea/tick medicine and his dogs are outside and working on a daily basis.  Two of the dogs are Australian Cattle Dogs that he used when he worked on his parents’ dairy farm so they’ve been through some rough times moving cattle.  One has had a hip replacement.  You wouldn’t know it looking at them.  If I compare the dogs that belong to my neighbors, who are younger, but have been vaccinated annually, are given heart worm and flea and tick medicine, who do not do any form of “work” they look a lot older than Marcus’ dogs.

Regarding garlic, yes, garlic (and onions) contains thiosulphate, a chemical that can be toxic to dogs.  There is less thiosulphate in garlic than in onions.  The amount of garlic that you need to feed a dog to repel fleas is extremely minimal, maybe a sliver of a clove a day and just during flea/tick season.  It’s like so many other things. If more people used natural methods to rid our animals of parasites, insects and illness, there would be less need for chemical products.  I have heard numerous times now that Frontline no longer works to repel ticks.  Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, etc. are not going to go away.  It’s up to us to make our dogs more resistant to them, not to develop new chemicals.

Renowned herbalist, Juliette de Bairacli Levy, became famous in England for her cure of distemper; using fasting, garlic and honey. Her “daily health formula” contained garlic, molasses, seaweed, couch grass and hops. She used a combination of garlic, rue, sage, thyme, eucalyptus, wormwood and vegetable charcoal for disease prevention and cure.  Juliette de Bairacli Levy has traveled the world with her dogs, living in primitive places, with complete Immunity with the use of this formula. The above formula is used extensively throughout her book. She states that she could not raise her own animals safely without the help of these herbs. These tablets stimulate immunity, maintain health and promote a cure in the sick.

Levy’s forumlas are available via here.

A caveat here: most people that I know who feed garlic on a regular basis also feed a raw diet. There may be some problems with dogs fed a complete kibble diet (which is high in grains). While there may be sufficient B vitamins listed on the package, the individual dog’s ability to absorb these vitamins may come into question. Raw meat is loaded with B vitamins and since dogs evolved eating raw meat, they have no problem utilizing the nutrients in raw meat.