Daily Chores

At one time, I’d have difficulty getting Gel to focus on ducks when there were sheep around or sheep if there were cattle around.  I think he’s finally got the picture: that he needs to move what I ask him to. 

When I got home last night we brought up the sheep and cattle from the back pasture and put them in the duck pasture.  I wanted them to graze down the grass and poison ivy in that area.  As the ducks came up from the pond, I called him to help me put them up, which he did without complaint.

This morning we brought the sheep and cattle back down to the pasture.  It went better than it’s gone since I’ve been attempting to move both types of livestock.  Once we got the sheep out of the duck pasture, he went back for the cattle and got them out.  As we headed down to the back pasture with the cattle, we passed the sheep who were congregating around a big pine tree where I have a salt block.  I sent him back for the sheep and be obeyed, brought the sheep up to the cattle and then kept the whole group together all the way into the ElectroNet.

When we came back I fed the ducks, who had escaped when the sheep and cattle went out.  Gel put up the stragglers and then we were done for the morning.

Both Fern and Josey have been put on the back burner for the past couple of days.  After getting up at 4 AM yesterday morning, I was tired when I got home and was looking forward to a quiet night and catching up on sleep.  That didn’t happen.  I promised the dogs I’d take them for a good run on the ATV tonight.  Then I need to process rabbits and some chicken and go for an early night.