Trials and such

I cancelled our clinic spot and the private lesson with Alasdair Macrae in Kentucky the end of June.  Wally usually cares for my animals, but he’s going to be in Ohio that weekend.  What we thought about doing was carting my sheep, ducks and chickens over to his house where they’d be cared for by his wife’s cousin who lives right up the street, but that would have been a huge pain in the butt.

I’d have to be gone for four days to go to this event, three nights in a hotel room, very expensive gas, wear and tear on the car, the dogs and me.  I simply decided it wasn’t worth it at this point in my life.  I’m entered to run in a USBCHA trial on Memorial Day.  There is another local USBCHA trial the next weekend, but I have no plans to enter it.  Attending sheepdog trials or clinics during the warm months is not my idea of fun.  It’s hard on the sheep and the dogs.  I want to take a few steps back and re-evaluate where and what I’m doing with my dogs; what I want to do with me!  Except for the Memorial Day trial, I have no plans to enter other USBCHA trials at this point in time.

I think the next goal will be Gel’s ADCH (Agility Dog Championship) which is a USDAA title.  I’m going to get Fern going in agility so she might be ready to start trialing when she’s old enough to enter USDAA trials, which is, I believe, fifteen months.  Structurally she’ll be fine to run at that age.  She’s always been perfectly proportioned, even as a little puppy, no awkward stages forthis puppy.  She’s coordinated and fast.  She’s extraordinarily fit from our ATV runs.  I do not have the proper sheep at home to work her or Josey so I’m not going to try at this point in time.  The plan is for me to take a half dozen (or more) goat kids from Marcus when they are ready to be weaned and send the cattle back at that time.  Goat kids are not going to run through fences like my lambs will.  Once their lambs are weaned, I’ve decided to keep my four Dorper sheep barren for next year so I’ll have good working sheep for young dogs.