I’m so relaxed, I’m almost bored!

I still have the Border Collie Boards on my favorites tab here at work and occasionally I go on to see what is being said.  Instead of getting sucked in and obsessiong about what is being said, I get bored after a few minutes of looking at the posts.  I see some of the members are posting videos of their dogs working and getting lots of “ewwww” and “awwww” responses.  I look at the videos, if I can be patient enough waiting for them to load and say “oh, okay.”  No real interest or excitement there.

That is a good thing though.  There was a time I’d be jealous and think to myself, “if I posted a video, hardly anyone, if anyone, would post a comment to it.”  Now, I don’t care that I don’t fit in with that particular group of individuals.

I note that Denise Wall has been posting videos of her young dog, May, and the progression of her training, which is interesting.  I think it’s a good thing that people who have no clue as to what’s involved in training a Border Collie for ISDS-style herding can see these videos.

Quite frankly, however, I’m having so much fun feeling the changes in energy in my body and watching the layers of disease falling away that I’m not interested in much else.  This morning I woke up and my finger was hurting, was slightly swollen and hot.  My homeopath had suggested that I switch back to Staphysagria (the first remedy I took) yesterday, but after switching from Causticum (the remedy that took away the pain and swelling in the finger) to Nux Vomica on Saturday and having the pain and swelling come back with a vengeance, I wasn’t willing to come off the Causticum just yet.  I told her that I thought perhaps Causticum wasn’t through and that I should stay there for a while.  She left it up to me. 

My homeopath is away at a dog show through the weekend and I felt that I could simply take another dose of Causticum this morning and when she got back, she could decide where I should go from here because obviously the Causticum is working, but not holding.  Some remedies last longer than others and a 30c dose of Causticum should hold for upwards of 50 days.  Today, the Causticum worked as before, but not quite as well, the finger still hurts a bit and it is still hot.

Right about noontime, I started to feel like I was coming down with a urinary tract infection.  Something I haven’t had in many, many years.  Great, I thought to myself, all these things that I haven’t had in so many years and now I get them all at once.  The weird thing was, on Tuesday when I was in the grocery store on my way to work, I picked up a bottle of Ocean Spray Cranergy.  I rarely (if ever) drink cranberry juice, but I had heard the commercials about this product and decided to buy some. 

As you may know, cranberry juice is a natural cure for urinary tract infections.  What it does is prevent the bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall.  So, I’ve been drinking cranberry juice and running to the bathroom every five minutes.  My one hour commute home ought to be way fun!

Staphysagria is one of the key remedies for the cure of urinary tract infections, especially those termed “honeymoon cystitis.”  No surprise there.  I guess I’ll be taking that 1M dose of Staphysagria when I get home.

There is an analogy used to compare treatment using homeopathy to be like peeling away layers of an onion.  The superficial symptoms are removed first.  When that particular remedy is no longer useful, you chose a second remedy to address the next layer of symptoms.  At some point, I will reach what is considered my “constitutional remedy.”  This may take years, but given how well I’ve been responding to the remedies I’ve been taking, it may work quicker.  Once my constitutional remedy has been chosen, that remedy should help me with any future illnesses I may experience.  It sounds easy, but it is not.  I worked with a very competent homeopathic doctor while I lived in Boston.  I wasn’t able to experience such a shift in energy with any of the remedies which he prescribed for me.  Many helped, but not to the extent that the ones I’ve taken recently have helped.

I guess like alcoholism, it was a matter of being at the point where I really wanted to be healed; to have hit the wall of my “dis-ease.”  All thanks to my right middle finger.

Gel seems to be feeling my positive energy shift as well.  He’s eating wonderfully!  I bought several five pound chubs of green tripe and he’s been gorging on that.  Green tripe gives him diarrhea, but that’s not a bad thing for a dog who is usually constipated.  This morning I put him in a difficult situation while moving the sheep and cattle out to their grazing field.  We worked through it, he wasn’t happy about what I was asking him to do, but he kept up with it and we got done what needed to be done.  I could have relented and let him go where he wanted to go with the sheep, but I kept insisting that he do it the way I wanted.  Now that he’s 100 percent on whistles, it’s harder for him to work on verbal commands.  I forgot my whistle this morning which added to the difficulty.  Even Fern and Josey are more relaxed around me.  Often when I call Fern to me when I’m near a fence, she knows I’m going to tie her and she doesn’t care to be tied.  She’d rather be in the mix of stock moving.  I went to the fence this morning and before I called her, she was at my feet.  Josey did the same thing.  Josey is calling off “stock” (usually the cats, but to Josey, cats are stock) and staying off them longer.  She has this funny little vocalization she does now when she sees me.  I’m going to miss her when she goes back to Asheville.