Life is very, very good and I’m an extremely lucky person.

This afternoon my life flashed before my eyes, yet again.  My friend Wally called me to say our county was under a tornado warning.  There is a tornado on the ground about five miles from me as I write this.  When Wally called, I ran down to the back field to bring up the sheep and cattle.  As the dogs went through the gate into the back field, I saw a large copperhead snake in the path.

This is only the second time I’ve seen a copperhead since I’ve lived in North Carolina.  When I stopped and stepped back, I was about three feet from the snake before I saw it, the dogs started coming back towards me.  I yelled at them to stay, get out, lie down!  I then went back and got a long stick and started beating on the ground and the snake to get it off the path.

Damn, I don’t care much for snakes; I don’t have a snake phobia, but a poisonous snake demands respect and fear!  I tied Fern and Josey out in the field and brought the sheep and cattle through a different access point back onto my property which took quite a while because the stock wanted to eat grass, not get put up.  The rain was getting heavy; but there wasn’t a lot of wind.  After I got the sheep and cattle up, I went back and got Fern and Josey and brought them in the same way I brought the sheep and cattle in.  Then I had to haul my landlord’s Great Dane into the house.  She doesn’t like to go up stairs, but I couldn’t leave her out in the run with the storm coming.

The sun is out now, which is scary because that’s going to add fuel to the storm.  It looks like it’s going to stay west of where I live, which is a good thing.

So, no more worrying about men, people, dogs, the price of gas, etc.  I am reasonably certain the snake did not bite the dogs because no one yelped.  We were all very, very lucky.