The Cats

A recent posted comment made me realize that I don’t talk about the cats much.  That’s unfortunate and I should mention them more often.  Right now, we have 13 cats in residence.  That’s a lot of mouths to feed, but they do a lot of hunting to supplement their diets.  Here’s the breakdown, in no particular order:

Zoe & Zest, both solid black sisters, both of these cats are from flea market kitties that I adopted quite a few years ago;

Confetti and Pumpkin, both calico and white sisters rescued from a local farm;

Matrix and Simon, both purebred American Shorthairs, Matrix is Simon’s father;

Boo Boo, solid black kooky cat, my personal lap warmer;

Nettie and Ted, brown mackerel tabby sister and brother, both of these cats are from the flea market kitties;

Onyx, a/k/a “Killer”, a solid black running cat, he never walks, he runs everywhere, he was rescued from the same farm as Confetti and Pumpkin;

Tootie is a medium-coated tortoiseshell cat that I found last year while out on a horseback ride, she’s mother to Buckwheat, a medium coated orange tabby with white and Birdie, a calico with white.  Tootie was so hungry that she had eaten a condom, it was hanging out of her butt end when I found her.  She was so tame that I was able to carry her back home on horseback.  She is a delightful cat as are her two kittens.  Buckwheat has about nine toes on all four feet.

Except for occasional bumps and bruises, they are all very healthy and vibrant cats.  Ted is such a scrapper, I think he periodically goes out and wrestles with coyotes (not really!). Here he is wrestling with a half-grown Border Collie puppy.

Zoe and Zest have personal vendettas against the two calico sisters and because of that, Zest and the two calico cats pretty much live outside.  Zoe would drill a hole through the foundation of the house to get in if I tried to keep her out.  Nettie is the official garden cat.  I don’t know how she knows, but every single time I’m in the garden, she’s down there with me.  That’s okay unless I’m trying to plant seeds and she’s rolling in the dirt on top of them.  No wonder why I can’t get seeds to evenly germinate.  Confetti lives in the rabbit barn; Pumpkin lives down with the horses.  I’m surprised Pumpkin is still alive because she’s constantly winding her body around the horses’ legs.

It’s amazing that Matrix and Simon are still alive.  I definitely see a huge difference in the intelligence of the purebred cats vs. the random bred cats.  Both are indoor and outdoor cats.  Simon is a good hunter.

Onyx, a/k/a “Killer” got his name at the time we were raising some chicks, he stole quite a few of them, running off with a chick in his mouth at 100 mph.  By the time I caught up with him, the chick was toast.  Onyx has remained a “tube cat” i.e., long and tubular in shape like an Oriental Shorthair.

Boo Boo is a silly, silly cat that I adopted from a local hoarder.  Supposedly he was a feral cat living in a parking lot, but I doubt that.

In the future, I’ll try to talk more about the cats.  Wish I had more photos to upload.  I realized when I was writing the newsletter that I really, really need to take more photographs.

Until later …