Happy Solstice!!!!

I don’t know which Solstice I like more, Winter or Summer … I think I’ll say Winter because it is the shortest day of the year and from here on out, the days start getting longer.  You wouldn’t know it’s the first day of winter given how warm it is out.  I took the dogs for a long walk with just a sweatshirt on.  I could have taken the sweatshirt off.  In fact, when I pour my first cup of coffee, the sweatshirt is coming off.

Two good things: so far, no signs of Gwen coming back in heat.  She would have been due yesterday and she’s been as quiet as a mouse.  Also, I might have an interview today.  Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

Yesterday was pretty much a lost day.  It rained almost all day.  I curled up on the couch and watched some movies.  The couch got quite crowded during the day with dog and cat bodies.  Everyone was being lazy.

Not much on the agenda today.  We need to go and get another round bale of hay for the horses and Gwen and if the rain holds off, we need to make more rabbit nest boxes.  I have another doe due today.  Wally is off today, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.  The only holiday commitment we have is Christmas Eve.  I need to make a cheesecake and I think I’m going to make a banana split cheesecake.  I use my own cheese.

Until later …