Rain, rain and more rain …

As I write this, it’s POURING outside.  I can’t complain about the rain because we need it.  I just hate having to go outside and do the chores in the rain.  One day, I need to invest in a calf-length slicker.  When I use my waist-length raincoat, the rain drips down on my legs and I end up with soaking wet pants.  I had a rain suit, but it bit the dust a while back.

Muck boots are worth their weight in gold!!

Wally and I just got back from a quick trip to Hickory at which time we picked up two movies to watch:  The Help and Super 8.  The rain is supposed to clear out later in the day and when it does, we’ll need to go down and put the covers over the raised beds.  I’ve almost cleaned out two of the beds of greens and weeds that I fed to the rabbits.  They get so excited when we come in the barn with a tub of greens.  It’s so neat to walk down the aisle listening to them crunching.  Had ten more baby bunnies born Christmas night.  This was a cross of a California doe to an American Chinchilla buck.  All of the babies are Chinchilla-colored.  Do we ever have the rabbits!!!  We’ve only got two in the freezer right now.  I’ll probably take one out sometime this week to cook.

We had a turkey and all the fixings for Christmas dinner and I’ve got a pot of soup on the stove.  We were given a ham for a Christmas gift and I bought one a few days before Christmas so we’ll have some nice meals from that.  We have a new favorite meal: Tamale Pie!  It is so good, especially when made with our glorious grass-fed ground beef!!!!  That’s what’s for supper tonight.

Still in holding pattern on the job possibility that I thought I’d be interviewing for last week.  I got worried because I hadn’t heard anything from him since our last conversation when he said he was going to do a background check.  While there shouldn’t be anything in my background check, I worried about it.  I just talked to him and he hadn’t got back to me because his cell phone got fried over the weekend and he didn’t have a contact number for me.  Amazing how much we depend on our cell phones.

Both dogs are stuck in crates for the day … neither is very happy with that arrangement.  They’ll survive.  Narley, who was a 100 percent outside dog has become quite a wimp when it comes going outside in the rain.  What she doesn’t understand is that it is not an option here, either she goes outside on her own or she gets tossed out.  Poor dog.  Gel wouldn’t care what the weather is … going out to do something!  Yea, I’m ready.  If the weather is bad, Narley would rather curl up on the couch for the day.

It’s so wet and miserable outside that I got Wally to eat banana nut oatmeal for breakfast and in a few minutes, we’ll start on a pot of hot blueberry tea.  It’s a good day to hole up watching movies and drinking hot blueberry tea.  Maybe in the next couple of days I’ll have good news on the job front.

Until later …