Got out the big gun.

I missed several cute photographs of the kittens with the baby Boar goat so I decided to go and dust off my “real” camera.  I was embarrassed to see how dusty it was.  I also took out the manual and am reviewing to remember how to use the damned camera.

Took these photos tonight.  There simply isn’t enough light in the rabbit barn this time of day to focus well even if I switch to manual focus.  I wish I could have got some images of the baby rabbits to share because they are so cute at this age.

This photo shows the patterns on one of the black rabbits that was born to a Creme d’Argent doe sired by a Californian buck.  I think they are interesting.

A Creme d’Argent doe (mother to the black rabbits pictured above) and an American Chinchilla doe in the rabbit pen.  Rabbits are so happy living in a colony environment.  I hope one day to have them all living that way.

A black rooster who has evaded capture.  He’s a handsome beast isn’t he?

Until later …