Switching remedies again

I spoke to my homeopath this morning and expressed how awful I was feeling.  It is not surprising given that I took two 1M doses of Staphysagria back to back over the weekend and I’m probably suffering an aggravation from the remedy.  I know better than that, but I guess when it comes to my own health, I’m not as careful as I would be with my dogs or cats.

She considered switching me to Pulsatilla, but in talking to her, she decided on Hyoscyamus.  Hyoscyamus is a remedy with some rather extreme mental characteristics.  I don’t think I’ll be on it for very long, but I hope it gives me some relief as I’m feeling really awful right now.

So the plan tonight is to pull up my ElectroNet from the back pasture and start to re-set it on my property.  There are several areas that have grown up enough so that I can set my ElectroNet closer to home.  I’m waiting on my Landlord to cut the back field as at this point in time, it’s essentially unusable for working because the grass is too tall.  Got to get those darned panels and the pen finished.  Hopefully this weekend, that is if I can get my head back together and stop agonizing over “things.”  I need to get my garden in too.  It’s long overdue.

I just made an appointment to drop my road bike off to be tuned-up so hopefully I can have that ready to go by the weekend and get out on that for a while.  The physical exercise will do me a world of good.

Josey will be going back soon.  I’ve done all I need to do with her.  She has a recall, I can call her off stock, she knows her name, she’s crate trained, travels well and seems to be fine in new places with new people.  I’ll look at the puppies from the repeat of her cross when I take her back and decide if I’m going to take one or not.  I’m fourth on the list of four puppies.  I can decide not to take a puppy with no hard feelings so unless the puppy really grabs me, I’ll likely not take it.  I used Fern this morning to wrangle ducks.  The males have been pretty rough on the females lately so I decided to pull out two of the three males.  I was trying to do it in their pen and Gel was being terribly cooperative in the tight space so I brought Fern in.  I don’t know that it was so much the tight space or he was feeling my simmering anger and was worried.  Fern was happy to oblige.  She’s working very nice.  She’s nine months old now, which is still really young to start stock training.

I’m on a pretty marvelous journey right now.  Granted, there’s been lots of bumps, bad weather and road blocks; but there’s also been some great speed-racing, wonderful scenery and exhilaration.  It would likely be best if I could keep my life as simple as possible for a while.