Oh, it’s cold!!!! According to, as of 7:00 AM Maiden, NC is colder than Boston, Massachusetts and Sandusky, Ohio; given that we are in the south, we should be warmer than northern cities! We put a light on under the pump house to keep it from freezing, but I’ll be hauling water for all of the critters. I soaked grain for the horses and Gwen overnight and Gwen’s bucket overflowed. Luckily I left it in the bathtub in the spare bathroom so the clean-up will be a little bit easier than it would have been.

Gwen is not eating as well as she should be and her milk production is dropping. Amazingly, she doesn’t care much for the alfalfa hay we bought a few months ago. The rabbits have been eating more of it than she has. I’m going to try to spray some water with molasses on it to see if it will get her to eat it better.

I discovered an interesting thing while looking at Craigslist job advertisements.  It appeared that there is now a search for a candidate for the position of the man who interviewed me last week.  I wonder if he either quit or got fired from his job.  It is concerning to me because I filled out an application which included my social security and driver’s license numbers and gave it to him during the interview.  I need to get to the bottom of what’s going on ASAP.  Lesson learned: don’t respond to Craigslist job advertisements.

Just got in from milking and Gwen only gave a little bit over a gallon of milk.  The two rabbits who were ill are not better; I put them out of their cages and the Chin died shortly after I put her on the ground.  The Creme seems a little better, but she was in the nest box and two of her babies got crushed and froze to death.  I decided to put her in the large pen with the other does to see if she doesn’t get better in there so I don’t risk any more of her babies freezing to death.  I put the Creme babies in with the Chin babies so they can share warmth.  Hopefully I won’t loose any more.

I know it’s a part of farming, but I hate loosing animals.

Until later …