Good news, bad news

Bad news: to date rabbit losses: three adult does (one New Zealand, one Creme and one Chin), two partially weaned rabbit babies (both Cremes), one of the ten rabbit babies I was hand feeding.  I am beating myself up for this … but I’ve fed the same amount and type of weeds and greens to them before without any ill effects, I have to wonder if perhaps the frost that some of the plants experienced did not in some way make them difficult to digest which was what result in the deaths of the rabbits.

Yesterday afternoon I brought the 12 partially weaned rabbit babies into the house and they are currently residing in the bath tub of the master bathroom.  Currently in the house I have a baby goat, and 21 baby rabbits.  The one baby rabbit that died last night was the one that we nicknamed “Jumper” and it was one of the most vibrant of the 10, go figure …

Good news: I believe I have a job.  More details when they have been finalized.  Basically, it’s marketing, writing for and attending local farmers markets for a local farm.

Other news: it’s freaking cold out.  Yesterday was probably one of the worst days I’ve had in a long time.  All of the water was frozen.  Dead rabbits everywhere.  Exploding grain buckets, oatmeal exploding in the microwave, dogs, cats, baby goats driving me crazy, etc.  It sucked.  Today has to be better, although I’m dreading going out for fear of what I might find, not to mention, it’s colder this morning than it was yesterday morning.

This morning, I finished the organic garden page for Spellcast Farm.

Can’t delay it any longer.  Off to do the morning chores.

Until later …