If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Yesterday I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out why the side bars were not showing up when using Internet Explorer.  This morning, my lap top wouldn’t start.  Windows kept circling around and around and never loaded.  Of course, there’s tons of stuff on that lap top that I really need to use and no, I don’t back-up.  One would think that I would, but I’m an idiot sometimes.

So, here I am on my desktop, which is nice because it’s cool to look at the big screen and to look out the window at the pond, but it’s cold in here and a lot of my settings are not the same as my lap top and as I said above, there’s things on the lap top that I need to access.

Luckily I have a good computer repair person and he lives very close by.  Waiting on a return call from him to see what time I can drop the lap top off.  Meanwhile I have a lot of tweaking to do in order to get this computer running better.  For what it is, it should be running a lot better than it is.

I am freezing!  It’s hard to type with cold hands.

As expected, I found another baby Creme rabbit dead and two of the ones I’m hand feeding were dead this morning.  There’s a third who is likely going to soon.  I was told they could consume 12 cc’s of milk a feeding, which seemed like a lot to me and I should have listened to my gut feeling on that because I think I fed them too much and their guts bloated.  Yesterday afternoon, I went through the New Zealand/California cross litter and separated the does from the bucks.  It appears that I have three does and four bucks.  In the oldest Creme/California cross litter, it appears there is only one doe.  I plan to keep several of these does as replacements.  The California doe is still acting dumpy.  I took two of her smallest kits and put them on a mother who has six babies.  I hope she doesn’t die because I don’t want to have to hand feed any more babies.

I just got an e-mail from the individual I interviewed with two weeks ago asking if I could start working this weekend … I told him no, that I had started a new job and that job had me working weekends.  I did tell him I could work three afternoon shifts a week.  We’ll see if he will hire me to do that.

Until later …