The Bluegrass Stock Dog Trial

Wow, the sheep must be tough.  Look at the scores for the first day.  In most of the runs, there are as many, if not more, retires (“RT”) or disqualifications (“DQ”) as there are scores.  Glad I’m not there!

Last night when I got home I let the sheep and cattle out to graze while I took the dogs for a run.  When we were approaching the house on our way back, I saw the cattle were running around like fools with their tails up in the air.  As we got closer to the house, they turned and headed down into the back field, right into our path.  You should have seen the look on their faces when they came face to face with me (on the ATV) and three dogs!  They turned and ran back up towards the house.  Silly cattle!

 Worked Fern for a few minutes on the sheep and realized how inappropriate they are for working a young dog.  Gel can handle them, but given that they are not “fetchy” sheep; all Fern does is round them up, only to have to do it again when they run back to me.  It’s going to be another couple of months before I get my good sheep back from Wally’s.  I’ll probably take my good sheep and the lambs that are due me back, give Wally all of the sheep I have now, except the wethers, and go from there.  I need to make some sort of sorting arrangement so I can sort the good working sheep out from the lambs so I can work Gel on the lambs and Fern on the dog-broke sheep.

I have decided not to take the puppy from Josey’s cross.  There will be time enough for a third dog down the road.  Two is more than enough for me right now.  Josey will go back to Asheville either Saturday or Sunday.

This morning I spent some time grooming both dogs.  I have a side table in my family room which is used for nothing other than to hold a water bowl for the cats.  I put the dogs up on this table and discovered it’s just the right height for a grooming table.  It’s much easier grooming a dog when it’s at chest height.  I stripped a ton of hair out of both dogs.  Tonight I’ll put them back up there and work on nails, feet and ears.