Not good news

News on the lap top is not good.  The hard drive is fried.  I don’t know why I use a lap top.  They are so darned fragile it isn’t funny.  There is doubt if what is on the hard drive can be retrieved or not.  That is not good news.  The more I thought about what was on the lap top, the more I realized how bad it was going to be if I can’t get the files.

You can bet I’ll be getting an external hard drive to back up my files next week sometime.  It is going to be very devastating if I loose all of that information and I don’t want it to happen again.  This isn’t the first time I’ve lost data off a computer.  There is a lot of things that I do that are very, very stupid and it seems some of these things are rearing up early in 2012 biting me in the butt perhaps bringing it to my attention that I have things I need to take care of or change and stop ignoring them.

Here it is 5:10 AM and I’m showered, dressed and drinking a cup of coffee, trying like heck to stay somewhat warm while I’m here in the office.  Wally offered to milk Gwen for me this morning.  I am expecting that is going to be a fiasco and he’ll be cursing me the whole time and will never offer it to again.  His offer was contingent on being able to sleep in a little later than 4:00.  It looks like I’ll be going to the farmers market every Saturday for a while so it would behoove me to get Gwen on an earlier schedule.  I am meeting the farm owner at a gas station right off the highway at 5:45 so I’ll have to leave here in a few minutes to make sure I’m not late.

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity.  At one time, I said that I wouldn’t want to do farmers markets because I didn’t want to deal with the people, but dealing with people is part of raising good food for people to eat.  I can no longer live in a vacuum.  I really don’t like dealing with people, but I best learn how to do it better.  I believe it is going to be my livelihood from here forward.

This is a very good post written by a woman who farms not too far from me.  She writes about how she wanted to sell all her livestock and quit farming in 2011.  Frustrated and depressed? I can relate to that!  She writes that another farmer asked her what she would do if she quit farming to which she replied that she could go back to one of the various positions she held over the years.  However, like me, she’d probably have a hard time getting back into any of those positions in this economy.  More importantly, would that kind of job be meaningful after what she’s experienced in farming?

I’m in the same position.  I often think fondly of my old paralegal job and sort of wish I could have it back; but I know darned well I wouldn’t be at all happy back in the corporate world.  I’d miss all the good (and yes, the bad) things about farming.  I now have a unique opportunity to continue to farm, to be part of a bigger, more established farm that is run in an extremely sustainable manner and to make some money doing it.  What else could I ask for … not much, well, for my lap top to be restored for one thing!

Until later …

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  1. This is from the post you recommended above: “We need to bring our communities back together and start helping one another again as neighbors like we used to do before people started coming home and shutting out the world around them.” The really important things can’t be done alone. People need to help each other because people need each other. Man is a social animal. He was 10,000 years ago and he is today.

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