I know 2012 is going to the THE year for getting my act together

So far, 2012 has been a year wherein I am brought face to face with all of the things that I really need to do but haven’t been doing or done for whatever reason.  I have some phobias about things.  Taxes are one of them and taxes are going to kick me in the butt really, really soon.  Organization is another one.  Backing up my computer is a big one and that has kicked me in the butt big time.  Luckily, my computer person was able to retrieve most of my data.  Unfortunately, the Office 2007 CD I got with the lap top when I purchased it won’t install properly (even though I was told it would) so that’s a bit of a problem.  I really don’t care about MS Office 2007 (2003 works fine and I have the install disks for that) except for the fact that I was using MS One Note to store recipes and I did like that program.  Perhaps I’ll buy a copy of just One Note and live with that.

I spend a good deal of time brushing things under the rug when I really should be dealing with them.  Backing up my computers, keeping track of farm expenses and income, etc. are perfect examples.  I haven’t updated the farm income and expense log since July.  I have everything written down in a calendar and I have all the receipts, but it’s going to be a major production bringing it up to date.  If I did it more frequently, it wouldn’t be a production.  Luckily that file was retrieved and is working properly.

On a good note, the Charlotte farmers market was a great success on Saturday.  It was a long day and I was exhausted when I got home.  I’m still tired actually.  I think last week, really the week before as well were extremely stressful between getting the specifics of the new job laid out and the issues with the rabbits.  I’d really like to go through a day without any rabbit losses.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day.  There’s one more baby Chin that looks a little dumpy, but the rest look okay.  I’m keeping every baby doe that is in the barn right now as a future breeder; the bucks can go in the freezer.  I haven’t lost any adult bucks, just does. I still am not convinced it was the forage that caused the illnesses.

Gwen continues to do well, but her production is down some.  It’s tempting to put her back on that sweet food she was doing well on, but I’m going to stick to my guns and keep her on the alfalfa pellet and oat mixture.  The chickens don’t care much for either the alfalfa pellets or the oats so they don’t harass her quite so much while she eats.  I might just bite the bullet and buy organic alfalfa pellets and feed that mixed with oats, barley and sunflower seeds to the rabbits, Gwen and the goats and leave it at that and quit mucking around with conventional feeds.

There’s a boatload of dishes in the kitchen that need to be taken care of and supper to be cooked.  It will be an easy supper tonight.  I’m slowly switching Gwen’s milking time to earlier hours.  Right now she’s on a 6 and 6 schedule.  I’d like to get it closer to 5 and 5 so that she won’t get screwed up on Saturdays when I go to the farmers market.  As expected, Wally had a very difficult time milking her Saturday morning.

I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed the farmers market.  It’s hard work and it’s going to take time for me to learn about the farm’s products, but it’s a great challenge.  It’s right up my alley selling such high quality, natural food.  There’s also outlet there for Spellcast Farm.  As best I could tell, no one was selling rabbit meat so once I get my rabbit population healthy  and breeding again.

I’ve been distracted all day trying to get this post written.  It’s taken me most of the day to get my lap tops partially up and running again.  I’m about done with computers for the day.

Until later …