I think I got my wish …

As best as I can tell, no dead rabbits this morning!  This is the first time in a long time that I haven’t gone out and found dead rabbits in their cages.  I preface that statement with “as best as I can tell” because I need to go through the one nest box with the youngest babies in it.  I loaded Jaime, a Chin doe, up with the surviving babies of the California doe who died.  That means she’s got something like 15 babies in there … probably way too many for her to feed, but maybe Jaime is a super doe.  We’ll see.  There really wasn’t anything else I could do with them.  Hand feeding baby bunnies seems to not be such a great option.  I might put the five surviving baby bunnies out with their siblings and see how they do out there.

I was in the house finished milking at 6:15 this morning.  Gwen’s production is down to just shy of a gallon in a half, which is a good half gallon less than what she was giving on the candy-coated crap food.  Last night, Wally told me that he thought I should put Gwen back on the candy-coated crap food because it is $3 less than the alfalfa pellets, she eats it better and produces more milk on it.  I didn’t answer him, I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  My gut feeling is to keep her on the corn and soy-free food and accept the reduction of milk as part of keeping a grass-fed cow.  You do not get the huge milk production.

The goal today is to get the newsletter done in draft, sit on it for a day, edit it and send it off to the farm owner for review.  While I’m in the newsletter mode, I’m going to work on one for Spellcast as well.  If the weather cooperates, I’ll go up to the farm on Thursday or Friday for photographs.

It is supposed to rain some today, be nice on Tuesday, but on Wednesday we are supposed to get torrential downpours, wind, possible thunderstorms, etc.  At least it’s going to be warm.  I’m going to go down into the garden at some point today and uncover the beds and harvest a small bucket of greens for the rabbits.

I’m still in my office using my desktop computer to work.  The guy who helps me with fried lap tops came over yesterday afternoon to get my wireless Internet access going.  Now I can go back out into the living area and work, but given that it’s going to be quite warm, I may just stay here for the next couple of days.

Off to feed the baby bunnies and myself.

Until later …