A very good day

I got up early and did some cleaning and organizing.  Then I drove to Asheville with Wally to bring Josey home.  Wally brought over Pyro and we leaved Fern, Gel and Pyro in the fenced-in area when we left for Asheville.  After we dropped off Josey, Wally and I had lunch at Applebee’s then drove home.  Wally headed home and I went to the bike shop to pick up my bike.

While at the bike shop, I got a reminder course on changing a flat tire.  Unfortunately, the guys at their shop both had their flies zipped, but that didn’t make them any less alluring.  I think I might be glad I decided to drag that old road bike out again.

I brought the bike home, loaded up Gel and Fern and drove to Wally’s to look at the lambs.  I haven’t been to Wally’s house in a few weeks and I was very glad that I went today.  I used Gel to bring up the ewes and lambs and brought my camera to get some photos.  I got some awesome shots that I’ll post tomorrow.  The St. Croix ewe was hell-on-wheels with Gel.  She gave Gel a lot of trouble, but Gel held his own and prevailed.  The red Kathadin ewe gave him a bit of trouble, but she wasn’t so bad.

Normally, Gel doesn’t bite unless I give him permission to do so, but when you are getting run down by an angry ewe, it is perfectly permissible to bite.  Otherwise, he was very patient and held his ground until the ewe turned and moved off him.  Wally and I caught up all the lambs and separated the males from the females so we could get a count of ewes to rams.  The mothers started to go crazy when we started putting up their babies.  When they all ran outside looking for their missing babies, I positioned Gel in the entry-way to the barn to keep them outside.  When it came time to let the lambs out, I put Gel in with the lambs.  He was extremely patient in pushing them out and when a ewe came barreling into the stall with the babies, he held his ground and backed her out as well.  This is a huge difference from how he was last year with the ewes with lambs.  He’s learned a lot.

There are a total of ten lambs, four ram lambs and six ewes.  They are beautiful!  One ramb lamb is a solid toffee-color.  Some of the ewes are spotted, one is marked like a Boer goat.  They are really nice.

Wally and I sat outside and drank a beer while the dogs played then I came back home to watch the Preakness.  As I write this, it’s 8:30 and I’m pretty tired.  I have a lot to get done tomorrow.  First thing on the agenda is dragging the road bike out for a ride.  We are supposed to get thundershowers in the afternoon tomorrow so I need to get quite a bit done outside before it starts raining.