Tired …

Last night was one of those nights where it felt like I didn’t sleep but a few hours.  My mind was going in circles and Rose was doing a lot of barking.  She’s been barking a lot the past couple of nights.  I opened the window once to see if I could pin point where she was barking, i.e. if it was near the rabbits, and thought I heard coyotes howling.  Rose does a fantastic job, but if she barks most of the night, as she has been, I loose sleep.  I’d love to go back to bed for an hour or so, but I doubt I can sleep now that I’m up.  I’ve already milked Gwen and the milk is in the refrigerator.

Yesterday was the first day that no rabbits died.  We had to put the doe with the prolapsed vagina down on Sunday, but yesterday, no deaths!  That’s a wonderful thing.  I went out early this morning and checked the rabbits and the goats and everything seems fine.  I’m going to try to do some breeding today.  I have not been able to get Isabel, one of my Chin does, bred.  I’m going to try to breed her to the New Zealand buck that we got on Sunday.  I’ll probably try to breed one of the new does as well.  While I’ve got four does in with Claude Hopper (a Chin buck) I am concerned that he is not breeding so I may have four does tied up for 30 days and no babies to show for it.

My first Rock House Farm Newsletter is live and I’m researching for the next one.  Right now, however, my brain isn’t working all that well.

At least it’s going to be a bit warmer today.  It was overcast almost all day yesterday and later in the afternoon when I went out to do chores, the wind picked up and it was freezing!  I couldn’t wait to get back into the house.  The wind is supposed to pick up today, but it’s going to be a south wind so it won’t be so cold.

I did not get to the farm income and expenses; it’s taken me quite a while getting this lap top back in working order.  Yesterday I sold a pair of Renegade boots that I bought for Ace so I’ll probably put that money towards an external hard drive.  I just need to figure out which one to get.

Just got back in from feeding the dogs and cats and have shut all of the cats outside for the day.  For a while, we had the house as a minimum-cat-zone, but now we’re back to almost all of the cats inside and we’ve had some fighting and peeing going on.  Time to take some control back.

I leave to go to Hickory in 30 minutes or so to do a few errands, then I’ll be back to try to get some work done.  On the agenda today is getting the rabbit barn cleaned out.  The cages with mothers and babies are pretty cluttered and I need to get them cleaned out as well.  Hopefully the weather forecast was right and it is going to be warmer today.  I just can’t warm up.

Until later …