Making peace with Facebook.

I wrote a while back about my disgust with FB.  There are still some things that I hate about FB, like all the games, farm town, and all the gibberish, but since I’ve started a FB page for Spellcast Farm and am in charge of maintaining the Rock House Farm FB, I am starting to see some good in FB.

Every morning now I go on and look at the other pages that I “like”; most of them farm or natural-health-related.  I look for content that would be interesting to share on either the Spellcast or Rock House Farm page.  I also spend time looking for good recipes and new interesting articles via Google.  I’ve communicated with some interesting people this way.

It’s funny how people come into your life.  Because of my sick rabbits, I’ve met (in person) a rabbit breeder from up in the mountains who uses alternative means to keep her rabbits fed and healthy.  I’ve met other alternative-minded rabbit breeders via FB as well.

I don’t know that FB is going to help *my* farm, but I feel sure it helps Rock House Farm and that’s good because that’s my job; our farm feeds us, but we don’t make any money at it.

I think there is a bit of bad news to share: I think Gwen may be coming into heat.  Yesterday when Wally and I came home from the hearing, we saw that our driveway gate had been closed and there were fresh cow tracks coming up the driveway.  It took me a little while to find out what happened, but it seems Gwen went to visit the cows across the street.  She hasn’t been calling so maybe she was just lonely, I don’t know.  If she’s back in heat now it’s going to be harder to get her AI’d in a timely manner.  I hope it’s a false alarm.

I’ve spent the day doing a little bit of cleaning and organizing.  I’m still in kind of a daze after the hearing yesterday.  It’s amazing how much stress can take out of you.  I’ve already fed and watered everyone, but I need to go out and get the sheets off the line before it starts to rain.  I was supposed to drive to Conover to meet the Rock House Farm Manager to pick up the coolers of meat, but he had some issues at the farm and now is going to meet me early in the morning.  I hate that for him and I hope that soon they’ll install a chest freezer here to keep the meat so there won’t be the need for so many trips back and forth.

I still haven’t got the expenses put into the computer and I had better get my butt and gear and get better organized about doing that because it appears that I am going to be paid as an Independent Contractor so I’ll need to keep really good track of my income and expenses.

It’s going to rain tomorrow, Sunday and Monday.  It hasn’t been a very sunny week period.  I’ve had to dry clothes in the clothes dryer several times this week.  Hopefully the sheets dried enough so I won’t have to put them in the dryer.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to work out of the house at a job involving a farm and still be able to tend to my farm without having to cut back.

Until later …