Frustrations or more learning curve?

Okay, the rabbits seem to be doing okay, but every time I go out there to look a them, I expect to find dead rabbits.  I worry every time I put food in their cages, thinking, am I doing the right thing or should I raise my rabbits like almost everyone else does, i.e. feed them commercial rabbit pellets?

Heavenly, my highest producing goat, kidded January 18, but never really came into milk.  What gives?  Am I feeding them wrong?  All of the other goats look fine and I don’t think they’re due for another week or so so they should not be bagging up too much, yet.  We’ve gone back to feeding them alfalfa hay, but do I need to be feeding them alfalfa hay now?  Have I not been feeding them well all year long?  One would think so, but what’s going on with Heavenly?  Could it be that there’s something wrong with just her or is there something wrong with all of them?  Most likely it’s just her so I shouldn’t be doubting myself.  We started feeding her babies last night and unless she comes into milk, it looks like we will be feeding them.  I am going to give her a dose of Jump Start (that microbial gel that helped Gwen so much) and maybe that will do the trick.  If Heavenly doesn’t straighten out, she’s destined for the freezer once she puts weight on.  She’s not off weight, but she’s not at freezer-weight either.

Yesterday at the Farmer’s Market I was seated next to a man who raises pastured chickens.  I asked him if I could come out this week to help him process chickens.  I’d like to learn to do it better and if I helped him, I might be able to score the organ meat to feed to our carnivores.  He gave me his telephone number and said he’d call me early in the week to schedule a day.  I tried to call the number when I got home to let him know that Tuesday was not going to work for me and discovered that the telephone number he gave me was disconnected.  Was that a mistake or did he do it on purpose?  Did he not want me to come out to help him for a particular reason?  We’ll see if he calls; if not, I’ll figure it out, like I always do.

I think I need to chill out.  It’s been a really, really hard couple of weeks and my stress level has about hit the roof.  I cannot expect everything to always go right.  Essentially, things are going well, there’s just been some hiccups (well BARFS when it comes to the rabbits), but that did straighten out to some extent.

Until later …