It’s cold and wet and nasty outside

I keep going out in short doses to take care of the animals.  The most recent time I went out, I was smart and put on a winter hat and gloves which made a big difference in my comfort.  The hog fuel (coarse-ground wood chips) that we put down around the milking parlor and up to the goat shelter is working wonderfully to keep the mud down.  We need to put another load of it up to the rabbit barn.

Yesterday, we bought a 1,000 pound bale of ORGANIC alfalfa, orchard grass and timothy hay.  It’s beautiful!  All of the animals love it.  I love it because it doesn’t fall to pieces when you flake it off.  Previously, we bought 1,000 pound bales of straight alfalfa hay and that doesn’t work well.  The leaves fall off it during transport to the animals leaving just the stems.  The goats waste a good bit of it.  Gwen won’t eat it.  We still have a full bale and about a quarter of the second bale to use up.  The goats eat it like candy, but there’s a lot of waste which I hate.  The rabbits pick the leaves off and leave the stems which isn’t ideal.

I started to do a good bit of research into rabbit nutrition.  Rabbits have very interesting digestive processes and as a species, they are uniquely adapted to sustainable farming in that they can consume garden “wastes” and forage grown on the farm instead of expensive (and non-sustainable) commercial pellets.  The trick is feeding them properly.

I am fooling around with sprouting grains to feed to the rabbits, goats and Gwen.  We’ll see how that turns out.

I am a little bit lost as to what I’m going to do today.  When it’s cloudy and cold like this, I don’t feel like doing much of anything.  Not that I don’t have a lot of things I should be doing today.  Luckily tomorrow and Wednesday are going to be nice and sunny; but Thursday and Friday is going to be rainy.  It looks like the rest of January is going to be warm and wet so I can probably get the February 1 crops in a few days earlier.

Heavenly is doing better; her babies seem perfectly fine and I may not have to supplement feed them.  Good!  The other does look perfectly fine.  Gwen is doing well too.

The second Newsletter for Rock House Farm is final form and almost ready to go out.  Now I need to work on February’s issues.

If all goes well tomorrow, we’ll have some really exciting additions to Spellcast Farm.  More on that tomorrow if it happens as planned.

Looking forward to sunshine.

Until later …