A day of running around

Today is going to be a day of running around.  I have to go to Hickory to deliver farm products. Now, not only do I deliver Spellcast Farm products (mostly just eggs right now); but I also deliver Rock House Farm products.  After I do that, I need to drive out to the other side of Taylorsville to pick up my surprise.  I’m still not saying what it is until they are here.

Went out early this morning to check the goats and rabbits.  Billie had two kids last night.  Both seem fine.  All of the rabbits are fine as well.

I’m afraid Narley, the Australian Cattle Dog, is going to need to find another home.  Yesterday afternoon as I was bringing a wheelbarrow-full of hay into the goats, Narley charged in there at the goats.  Rose was in with the goats and took offense to Narley charging and attacked her, knocking me on the ground on her way to Narley.  Luckily I was able to pull Rose off Narley without getting bit.  I don’t blame Rose, she was doing her job.  Narley has gotten too big for her britches here and this is something that has been building for some time now.  I could sense Rose’s tension when the first set of goat kids was born.  Narley doesn’t have a lick of work sense to her, which I didn’t expect that she would.  She’s best suited as a pet … a lap dog is what she wants to be; so that’s the home I’ll find for her.

Tomorrow is clean the house and laundry day.

Best get my butt in gear.

Until later …