The differences between conventional medicine and homeopathy

I just re-read the article  that I mentioned yesterday and wow, it’s a great article.  Here are a few things that I highlighted in my copy:

“Allopathic medicine is not “traditional” in that roots of homeopathic medicine reach further than allopathic, but it is “conventional” in that it is based solely upon current social agreement or convention. Since about the sixteenth century and the religious reformation and the following acceptance of the mechanical vision of the world, convention has turned to observe and manipulate surface phenomena. In its aim to simply eliminate the observable “disease”, forgetting that healing is not getting rid of disease but coming to a greater level of health, “conventional medicine” has eliminated the soul of man and the sanctity of life.”

Julian Winston’s summary of the 9th Paragraph of the Organon:  “The physician wants to make people healthy so they can use their bodies to get on with the higher purposes of their existence.”

“[I]t is not just “the right remedy” that cures the case. Believing that a remedy possesses the power to cure is like turning back to the physical-chemical understanding of man and thinking that a thing, a remedy, can cure. … It is the conventional allopathic view that believes that chemical substances are the way to cure an essentially material body.”

Finally: “Disease is understood to be not a misbehaving chemistry, not a changed tissue, not a malfunctioning organ, not even a deviated behavior. Disease is understood to be a discord in perception.”

This is truly a wonderful article.  I’m glad I found it.

On my ride home last night, there were thunderstorms all around me.  I was planning on riding my bike that night and was afraid the storms would prevent me from doing so.  They did not.  I did the same loop that I did on Sunday.  I felt better on the bike this time, but it hurt more.  I’m glad I went out though because it felt good when I was through.

When I got back from the ride, I puttered around the house, did some cooking, then sat down to watch the grand finale of American Idol.  Then my friend Helene called and we had a wonderful time discussing how men are still very close to their cavemen roots.  Thanks for making me laugh so hard Helene!  Then my “caveman” called and we had a nice conversation that went on way too late.  I sort of got read the riot act for not planting my garden yet.  Why buy food when you can grow it yourself?  So, I am appropriately chastised and will stop on my way home tonight and pick up some vegetable plants and go and dig in the dirt.  I’m sure Fern will love to help me with that project.  I do have to get some mowing done so I can re-set my agility field.  I get the feeling I may see Marcus tonight which will be a wonderful thing.

It’s good to be busy and it’s good to feel good.