Everything(one) in its place.

It was nice to wake up this morning; actually the alarm woke me up this morning, something that usually doesn’t happen, and to be able take my time making coffee, etc. before rushing outside.  I knew Gwen and the calf were in the yard, the goats were in their pasture, the chickens and ducks where they were supposed to be, etc.  I think the rabbits are through dying en masse as they had previously been doing so I’m not compelled to go out into the rabbit barn to pull out bodies.  I do have a doe due to kindle so I did check her to see if she had babies, but she didn’t.

Milking went almost smoothly this morning.  Gwen’s production is slowly getting back to what it was.  I only had to wrangle three of the 11 goats to get them in the milk parlor.

Today was spent running errands; I did take time to have breakfast with a good friend which was nice and ended my errands with a visit to a local farmer to pick up another bushel of sweet potatoes as well as several bags full of greens.  He is an old-time southern farmer, my favorite type of farmer to talk to.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he did not spray his crops.  The only thing he does which isn’t “organic” is to fertilize the fields with commercial fertilizer.  That’s pretty cool.  I asked him why and he said that what you spray on the leaves seeps down into the soil to the vegetable and he didn’t want to eat that.  Makes me that much more determined to spend more time at his farm to learn what I can.  He’s right up the street from me.  We’ve been buying sweet potatoes from him for many years now.  He has a field full of greens that he’s not going to sell and a field full of greens = good rabbit food!  Especially since it’s not sprayed.

The pens full of baby rabbits and mothers are like the Bermuda Triangle when it comes to food.  You put armloads of hay or weeds in there and a half hour later you come back and it’s all gone.  They are like piranhas!  I guess that’s a good thing.

April, one of our Oberhasli does has decided that she’s in charge of running Narley (the Australian Cattle Dog) around the pasture.  Narley made the mistake of running from her the first time so now April knows she can get away with it and she does it every chance she gets.  You’d think that Narley would figure out she’s the one with teeth.

Obviously Narley is still here; we decided that finding her a good home was going to be more trouble than it is to keep her here.  She and Rose seem to have worked out their differences.  Plus, she plays with Gel and Gel plays back.  That’s unusual, in general, Gel hasn’t been interested in playing with other dogs.  Narley is pretty funny, she “pecks” at things.  Last night, she had one of the yard rabbits between her front paws and was pecking at it.  She doesn’t bit, she pecks.  Weirdo!

Off to cook supper.

Until later …