Trying to get going

Having a hard time of it too.  I got two reasonably good night’s sleep so at least I’m relatively well rested.  Went out early and found a dead Creme baby.  Damned!  I do not know if it was the last surviving baby from the Creme doe that died (Mary) or one from the surviving Creme (Kerri).  I wish I had marked the ones I put in with her from Mary so I would have known.  I repeated the breeding and I’m now wish I had bred her to a different buck.  Maybe it wasn’t a good cross.  The other surviving Creme doe (Spice), bred to the same buck (Nutmeg), hasn’t lost a baby.  She’s got four from the New Zealand doe (bred to the Creme buck) and they are all doing well.  Go figure.  Before I started loosing all of the rabbits, Kerri lost two or three of hers.  Maybe what I need to do is to cross them out to a different buck and then come back to the Creme buck.  These heritage breed rabbits are likely all inbred, at least to some extent, and inbreeding is not such a great thing.  The interesting thing is that I haven’t fed any garden greens in three or four days, they’ve just been receiving hay, oats, barley, sunflower seeds and alfalfa pellets.  There was no evidence of diarrhea in the dead Creme baby.

I don’t know if I wrote or not, but the Senior Silver Fox buck died on Saturday.  I noticed he wasn’t eating well and on Saturday when I came home from the Farmer’s Market, I found him dead.  I butchered him and discovered some hardening of his lower intestine, other than that, his organs seemed fine.

I have a bunch of does due to kindle starting February 14.  Hopefully that will all go okay and I can start to get some vibrant babies going.  The Creme and Creme X babies that Spice has are doing fine; as are the Chins and Chin X that Jaime has.

Milking 11 goats and one cow in the mornings.  I stopped milking Gwen at night.  It’s not worth milking her for a gallon of milk.  Such is the production of a grass-fed cow; she was bound to decrease.  That’s okay though, we have plenty of milk now.  The goats are all producing well.

Until later …

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  1. Note from a record-keeper. What you’re going through with your rabbits now is very important in improving your breeding practices. Be sure you keep a notebook or record of what you’re doing. I can see how it could be invaluable from a scientic standpoint. Just another thing to add to your crammed-full days…….

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