Getting ready for the cold!

We are going to get an arctic blast of cold over the weekend.  The lows Saturday morning are going to be in the high teens, low 20’s.  That’s going to make getting ready to go to the Farmers Market Saturday morning particularly difficult.  We’ll need to haul out at least four buckets of water for the animals, plus when it’s that cold, it makes doing anything outside difficult.  Of course being at the Farmers Market is going to be miserable with the cold.  At least it isn’t going to be raining or snowing.

The beginning of the week has been essentially a lost cause.  I got Wally’s taxes done, which made him happy.  Other than that, I haven’t accomplished much of anything.  Today I need to take Yoda to get him serviced and inspected.  I had two things to get done this week for Wally: his taxes and getting Yoda inspected.  The mechanic that I use is right near the library so I’ll drop Yoda off and then go to the library and work on the next RHF newsletter.  It would be good to get that out of the way this week.  Hopefully I can get in the garden this afternoon and get a few more seeds in and then get the planted beds covered with Agribon to protect them from cold.  Some of the peas may have germinated by now.  I haven’t been in the garden all week so I don’t know.

I decided to sell the three young Silver Fox does.  I’m short on cage space; almost all of my cages are occupied by does due to kindle or litters of babies.  We’ll need to make sure everyone has a nest box full of hay and straw Friday afternoon just in case they decide to kindle.  I don’t want babies to freeze.  If anyone has babies over the weekend, we’ll need to bring them in the house overnight.  Of course we’ll need to let all the cats in as well.

The good thing is that this cold blast is going to be short-lived.

I joined an on-line farming course that I’m hoping will help me bridge the gap from a farm that is surviving to one that is making a little bit of money.  Here’s a video describing what the course is about.  We’ll see how it goes. It’s free, which is cool.

I promised the goats I’d get out to milk them earlier than I have been so I need to get that done.  I left Gwen and the calf down in the lower pasture overnight.  Her production is dropping daily.  I expect it will go back up when the grass comes in, but for now, she’ll be down because she’s not eating the hay I offer her.  Given the quality of the hay she’s offered, if she doesn’t want to eat it, then she can go hungry.  The goats are milking well, but I had to hobble two of them yesterday.  If they are being fussy, it’s better to slap the hobbles on them to avoid hooves in the milk bucket or a tipped over milk bucket.  Their udders are a bit dry so I need to get more fat in their diets which I’ll do with flax oil and/or rice bran.  I fed them rice bran last year and it made a huge difference in their weights and coats; I need to find out if rice bran is GMO or not.

Until later …

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  1. A free course on making a farm pay a living wage….it sounds very good and the price is right. Using actual feedback from students for discussion and learning is an excellent approach. Will students be from this region only or all over the country, I wonder. I can see different areas having different problems.

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