Spending too much time on Facebook

I’ve been lazy and haven’t been doing any real writing.  The weekends, as they always have been, get completely lost with going to the Farmer’s Market.  Wally and I spent most of Sunday holed up relaxing.  Today was beautiful and I spent a good deal of time outside, mainly in the garden.  I got another bed ready to plant, harvested a tub of weeds for the rabbits and planted Bloomsdale Spinach and Tri-Color Romaine.  The Arugula has germinated, but it looks like nothing else has.  I watered the beds that have been planted.  Tomorrow I’ll plant carrots, more beets and peas and some Speckles Lettuce.  Maybe with the warmer weather coming, the other seeds will germinate.

Here’s the chick tractor that we got on Friday.  We are very pleased with it.

The Silver Fox doe that I kept kindled on Sunday.  She had four on the wire and they were dead when I found them.  One was still in the box.  I took it and put it with another doe.  I re-bred her to the Californian buck this morning.  No sense in tying up a doe with just one baby.  The rest of the does with babies are doing fine and another was building a nest this afternoon so she should kindle soon.

All of the animals are now officially corn and soy-free.  The chicks are getting sprouted oats and barley and alfalfa pellets soaked in milk.  I moved their tractor this morning (amazingly without squishing any chicks!) and they are eating grass.  I gave them some of the weeds that I picked for the rabbits.  They are also getting raw milk.  We picked up another bale of alfalfa hay from the veterinarian across the street and Gwen seems to like that hay and is eating it so her production has gone up a bit.  Since I have to milk Heather in the evening, I’m milking her again too.  I use their milk to soak the alfalfa pellets for the chicks and chickens.

I finished a batch of cheese made from cow and goat milk this morning and am soaking oats and barley in the whey and will give that to the chickens tomorrow.  Wally has had to make me several buckets with holes drilled at the bottom for draining water (or whey) off soaked oats and barley.  The next time I set oats and barley to soak, I’m going to add some sunflower seeds.

Going to cook some steaks from Spot on the grill tonight and have some sweet potato fries in the oven.  Yummmm!

Until later …