Monday …

I’ve written about Mondays quite a few times and each time it was with different feelings.  Today, I’m hoping that this week will be a lot more productive than last week was.  I don’t think about all that I do around here and how much effort it takes to get done what I get done every day.  Wally reminds me of it on Saturday when he has to do the chores that I don’t do because I go to the Farmer’s Market.  Some of my lack of productivity has to do with the weather.  If it’s overcast and cold or really windy (as today will be) I am not as ambitious as I should be.  Plus, the past couple of weeks have been very traumatic with the sick baby goats.  All of them seem fine now so whatever it was that was causing the problems seems to have resolved.

I sold two of my goat does on Saturday.  One was Bella, a Saanen/Alpine X that I raised from a baby.  I had to assist her during her first delivery (the first time I ever had to do that).  She was a great goat, but her udder was high and her teats short and with my hand pain, it got so that I could not milk her.  I also sold Faith, an Oberhasli doe that I bought last year.  Her udder wasn’t so hard to milk as Bella’s, but it got so that I didn’t milk her either.  I have to keep goats that I can milk easily and these two goats did not fit the bill.  I haven’t heard from the girl I sold them to and I’m upset about that.  Isn’t it common courtesy to call and let the person you bought animals from that they are doing okay?  I guess common courtesy is not something people have these days.

On Saturday when I got home from the farmer’s market, I was in the back pasture catching Faith’s two kids to mark them so we’d know they were her’s when the girl came to pick them up.  I left the gate cracked and Sudi and then Ace slipped through.  I tried to shoo them back down into the pasture, but they both threw their tails up over their backs and took off down the driveway!  I got the ATV and went after them.  I probably trailed them for about an hour before I was able to catch them.  All the while, I was envisioning how much meat I could get off their carcasses to feed to the dogs and cats.  Sudi did something to one front leg and is now lame.  Great.  Not that I have any plans to ride him any time in the near future.  I’d really like to find him another home where he’d be used.  Either that or I’m going to have to hook him up to a plow and put him to work.

The Rock House Farm farm manager delivered a freezer and a boatload of pork on Sunday.  It took Wally and I about an hour to inventory it and today I need to put that inventory on the computer and then send it to the owner.  A few weeks ago, I bought an external hard drive, but do you think I’ve hooked it up and backed up my computer?  Nope.  I best get my butt in gear and get it done.

Yesterday while moving the chicken tractor that houses the Cornish X chicks, we accidentally put it down on top of one of the chicks and killed it.  That sucked.  It’s going to be really cold tonight so not only will I have to cover the garden beds, but I’ll have to make sure there’s a light on both sets of chicks.  The dual-purpose chicks do not seem to be growing out too well and I think I may not have been keeping them warm enough.  When he delivered the freezer, the Farm Manager brought me two bags of the grain that they have been feeding to their chickens.  It’s really too fine (he’s going to get more made in a coarser grind) for the big chickens, but I’m going to soak it in milk.  I have two jars of milk on the counter top clabbering which I’ll feed to the chicks this morning.

Yesterday, Wally found two duck eggs in the goat shelter!  Guess what I’m having for breakfast this morning?  I love duck eggs!

I’m going to see if I can get Wally to make a simple “cage” a/k/a tractor for rabbits on Saturday and experiment with putting some of the young rabbits on the ground.  The tractors that we are using for the chicks are working okay.  They are difficult to move and we need to figure out how best to get wheels on them.  The goal is to have the tractors running across the yard in back of the house and move them daily.  It would be ideal to have rabbit tractors in front of the chicken tractors so I can move the rabbit tractor ahead and then put the chicken tractor where the rabbit tractor was.  Of course with the rabbit tractors, we’ll need to put wire on the bottom so they can’t dig out.

We got a vacuum sealer on Sunday, but we did not get those last three rabbits processed.  Those rabbits are going to be monstrous freezer-fillers by the time we get to them.

Off to milk.  Only eight goats and one cow this morning.

Until later …