What I’d do if I were rich …

I just wrote a friend of mine sending her a link to the post written by a couple who left their high-paying NYC jobs to a farm they purchased.  They spoke about talking to fencing contractors, the water company (to install a new system), etc.  What Wally and I would do with that kind of money.  Wally and I often talking about where we’d go if we had money … somewhere where you’d have to have a helicopter to find us.

Then again, maybe because we have to make due with so little, it makes us that much more creative and resourceful.

I hurt my back somehow.  It’s really bothering me.  I probably did it dragging chicken tractors around.  I put the three roaster rabbits in the tractor vacated by the Cornish X chicks.  They seem happy enough.  I asked Wally if he’d make me another tractor, much more pared down from the last one he made for rabbits.  I’ll put field fence on the bottom to keep them from digging out.  I’ll put the older fryer rabbits in there.  I have three purebred American Chinchilla and one American Chinchilla X babies that I haven’t sexed yet, but they are too young to go on the ground.  Getting closer to going to keeping a high percentage of our rabbits on the ground.

Interestingly, my landlady called me last night asking about the chicken food I was feeding.  I had told her about it when I got the Cornish X chicks and apparently it made an impression.  She got 10 chicks from Tractor Supply over the weekend and was interested in feeding them this type of food vs. the typical corn/soy mixture.

This morning, I came across a Blog written by a woman living in New York who raises meat and fiber rabbits.  She wrote in August 2011 about an epidemic that was killing her young rabbits.  She wrote that the year before, it killed most of last years young.  The symptoms sound almost exactly the same as what was killing mine.  She said that her cure was to get them on the ground on green grass.  Interesting!  From my research, green grass is the last thing they need.  My research is so typical of conventional treatment of disease.  For example: if a dog has diarrhea, plug it up with rice and boiled hamburger.  Goat kid with diarrhea: give it Pepto Bismol.  It’s encouraging to see someone else writing about a problem that a lot of people wouldn’t admit to.  I don’t know how many experienced rabbit breeders I’ve spoken to about my problems only to hear them say, “I’ve never seen that before,” you know it likely isn’t true.  I stumbled upon her Blog from a post on Facebook about farming.  I just bought her book entitled, “Barnheart.”  That’s two books I bought today.

I’m procrastinating.  I have a newsletter to write.

Until later …