The beauty of things

Last night I was watching the series So You Think You Can Dance  and was very much enjoying the abilities of some of the contestants.  I love watching dance, I love watching good movement of any kind.  I wish I could move like a dancer, but unfortunately, I’m destined to remain relatively clumsy.  I love watching my dogs move.  They are very cat-like in their movement.  Maybe that’s why I ended up with Border Collies, they are cat-like.

Gosh, Fern is hot right now.  Talk about beautiful movement.  She is intense on stock.  Must get her going.  I may be able to get some goats this weekend.

The best laid plans sometimes do not work.  I had intended to get on the bike last night, but my Landlords were having a party down by the pond and they called me down there and we talked for longer than I intended.  Oh well, today is another day.  It’s not going to be too terribly hot today.

There’s been a recent discussion on the Sheepdog-L list about the role of fat in a canine’s diet.  The discussion began here.  One of the posts that caught my attention was this one  wherein the poster said that her Aussie was on potassium bromide and developed pancreatitis.  How typical of conventional medicine, potassium bromide “controls” the seizures, yet it may lead to pancreatitis. Other side effects of bromide therapy are sedation, ataxia (hind end weakness and loss of coordination), increased urination and rare skin disorders. Hmmmm, sounds to me that may be the reason why the dog is coming up wobbly after 10-15 minutes of exercise.

This post came up yesterday and I replied to it, although I expect it will fall on deaf ears.  Why would any one want to seek out poultry fat to feed to their dogs?  The Omega 6 levels contained in poultry fat are going to be through the roof.  Excessive Omega 6 fatty acids in the diet lead to many types of disorders such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, asthma and many other inflammatory conditions.  Most of the people on that list have access to sheep and other stock, why not raise a few extra, cull those who are old and not producing and feed that meat to their dogs?  As is almost always the case, they are looking for a quick fix.

In general, commercial dog food is crap.  I don’t know how people can live with animals who are fed kibble on a regular basis.  They stink and their stool stinks.  The kittens I’m fostering are finally starting to stink less now that they’ve been on raw for a few days.  I found homes for the two adult cats that I was fostering and I was very glad to see them go.  They were extremely reluctant to eat meat and they were already thin so I didn’t want to fast them too long so I broke down and fed them kibble.  My litter box room reeked!  That has since resolved.  I frequently put my nose into my dogs’ and cats’ coats just to smell them because they smell so clean and fresh and they don’t get baths on a regular basis, hardly at all actually.