Rabbits in Tractors

Last night, before Wally got home from work, I sat in the back yard and watched the three rabbits that I put in the tractor.  As I watched them, I realized, this is where rabbits should be.  It may not be practical for me to keep all of my rabbits in tractors, but I’d love to strive to get as many of them as I can in tractors.  The difficulty is going to be convincing Wally that the back yard should be full of tractors.  I’m trying to convince him that the more tractors we have in use, the less mowing he’ll have to do. That’s going to be a hard sell.  I put the older Silver Fox buck in the pen with two young New Zealand does. This buck is sold and goes to his new home Saturday morning and when he goes, I’ll put the blue-pointed Californian/New Zealand X buck in with them just in case the Silver Fox buck did not breed them.  I’m moving rabbits around all the time.  Once we process the Roaster Rabbits, I might put the young males in the tractor to grow off.  I’m a long way off from weaning any does, but when it comes time to do so, I’ll probably put all of the Californian/New Zealand X does in the pen and leave them in there permanently.

As best I can tell, there are no rabbit breeders with the Animal Welfare Approved seal.  Gosh, I’d love to get that for Spellcast.  I am unable to determine if they require that the animals be kept always on pasture or in colonies or not.  We’ll see.

Faith, one of the goats that was sold and then re-bought has a calcium deposit in one of her nipples.  That makes milking her a barrel of monkeys.  I’m sure stress triggered the problem.

Started collecting goat meat recipes.  The goat kids are growing off really well.  Looking forward to a new type of meat to cook.

Wally has not gone to the local livestock auction in several weeks.  The man he used to go with stopped going as well.  While I know Wally enjoyed going to the auction, he admitted that the quality of animal that was going through the auction had become poor and he didn’t enjoy it as much.  I’m actually glad he’s no longer going.

It’s awfully nice being in a relationship with someone whom you love to spend time with.  I count the hours until 3:00 when he gets home.

Kudos to Rosemoon of Moonmeadow Farm for sticking to her raw milk fast.  I’m not that disciplined, but I am going to try to drink as much raw milk as I can stomach from now on.  I know when I was working at MM, I drank a lot of milk which took care of cravings for that gluten-laden dough that they use.

I always get so tired this time of year: right before the time change.  I don’t do well with this time change.  Luckily it changes Sunday so I don’t have to deal with it on Saturday when I have to get up so early.  Wally and I need to figure out a system of loading the coolers and keeping an inventory going.

Off to milk.

Until later …