Yet another lost day …

I had to go to Hickory yesterday morning to deliver meat and eggs.  I do this every Tuesday morning.  It’s a bit of a pain, but I try to do my errands at the same time.  Yesterday, however, I elected to go to the Hickory City Library.  I needed another book on CD to listen to.  That took a good bit of time and by the time I got back to the truck, I decided it was too hot to leave Gel in the truck so I came straight home.

Once I got home, however, I realized there was a few things that I had to get at the grocery store, so I went back out, this time heading to Lincolnton with the intention of stopping at a local hardware store to see what kind of seedlings they had for sale.  Last year, they had some heirloom seedlings so I was hoping that would be the case this year.  While at the grocery store I discovered asparagus on sale and it was nice!  I bought two bunches.  Wally is not particularly fond of asparagus, but he’s a good camper, he eats it.  I eat most of it!  The trimmings went to the rabbits.

The local hardware store disappointed me.  All they had were hybrid, Monsanto-linked seedlings.  I almost bought some, but said, no, I am not supporting Monsanto, at least not in this way.  My seeds are not germinating all that well in the garden and I think it’s because I am not disciplined enough to water them enough to get them to germinate.

Last night, we got a HEAVY rain and thunderstorm.  Rain was coming at a rate of about 3″ an hour!  We even got hail.  We haven’t had a hard rain like that in a long time.  It was a beautiful, cleansing rain.  The Cornish X tractor was set right in the middle of a river.  It’s a wonder they didn’t drown!  The rabbits weathered the rain well.  They got wet, but it didn’t seem to bother them.

I should find a new litter of bunnies from my sole-surviving Creme doe.  They will not be purebred Cremes.  Hopefully by the time she’s ready to be bred again, I can use the young buck I kept.  He’s in the tractor.  I *should* put him in a cage where I know he’ll be safe, but he’s so happy in the tractor.  I think what we ultimately may do is buy a roll of poultry netting and run that around the tractors.  That way, if they do get out, they’ll be confined by the electric netting.  This will prevent dogs, etc. from getting to them as well.  The newest tractor is very easy to drag around the yard, but I think it’s a bit too light.  I believe we’ll make the next one more like the one the Cornish X are in without the tin on the top.  It will be a little bit heavier, but pulling the tractors with a rope tied to the bottom rails works pretty easily.

I have to go out this morning as well.  I’m trading cheese for an American Chinchilla buck.  He’ll be processed for meat.  Unfortunately, I think he’ll be past the fryer stage, but since I’m trading cheese for the rabbit, it’s just fine.  I’ll keep him for a week or so to clear the commercial food out of him and then he’ll go in the freezer with the other Roaster Rabbits.

I guess I had better get my butt in gear and get out and get it done.  We left Faith up with the babies so I don’t have to deal with milking her this morning.  I almost put her for sale on Craigslist yesterday, but I want to think about it a little bit more.  Minimally, I’d like to hold on to her long enough so that her babies are close to butchering size.  I do not know what we’ll do with her doe kid.  We sold two doe kids last year before the freshened and I regret it.  We should hold on to her until next spring so I can see how she freshens.  I don’t want to sell a potential milking star.  The one doe kid that we kept from last year: Heather, is a milking star.  She’s fantastic!  She’s right up there with my best milkers.

I discovered a few days ago that a stock stick is my best friend.  I can use it to gently tap the does back away from the gate so I don’t get beat up by them trying to come through all at once.  I don’t hit them hard, it’s just a tap, but it’s effective.  I can get just two out relatively easily.

It sounds like the Twilight Zone outside.  With the heavy rain that we got last night and forecast HIGH temperatures, grass should start to grow like gang busters.  Good.

Until later …