I keep loosing days!

It seems as though once I get going with the milking, the day just goes!  Gone!  Part of that is due to my having to get the milking done and then leave the house and meet people and do errands.  I get back and it’s noon or close thereto.  I get a few more things done and then Wally gets home.  Then we do the chores and I make supper and then it’s time to go to bed.

One day, I’m going to list what I do during the day, not necessarily publicly, because it may be boring, but it would be interesting to see what I do.  I know it’s a lot, heck just milking 10 goats and a cow is a lot, but it’s always all a blur.

So much for being able to stay home today.  Just got a text from the farm manager at RHF telling me he’d be coming to Newton today so I’ll need to meet him to get grain.  I’m going to get two weeks worth so I don’ t have to keep bothering him to meet him.  He’s got a lot going on.  The owner of RHF is due back the end of March.

I have to finish the potato salad that I started Monday and get images for the next RHF newsletter today.  Those are high priorities.

The high temperatures yesterday were enough to wipe you out.  My body is not acclimated to heat yet.  When I went out around 1:00 and had a hard time breathing!  I’m very worried about what the summer is going to be like.

So, I’m trying like heck to get my butt in gear and get out to milk earlier because when it does get hot, really hot, it will be good to get it done ASAP so I can have time to do other things (like work in the garden!) before it gets too hot.  I’ll do my computer work when it’s too hot to be outside.

Had another litter of rabbits born yesterday: six of them.  All of the others are doing well.  I made index cards for all of the does listing what day they kindled, how many babies they had, when they should be weaned and when the doe should be re-bred.  Before I did this, I was thinking that the babies were not growing off well, but most them are only four weeks old or less.  They are growing just fine!  I don’ t know if I’ll be able to stick to my plan to keep the babies with their mother until they are 12 weeks old, at least not the larger litters.  It’s already pretty crowded in one cage of a mother and seven babies.  Maybe once we get around to making more rabbit tractors, when the cage gets too crowded, we can move the mother with her litter out into a tractor.  So far so good with the one rabbit tractor we have going.  I swear those babies have already grown!

I’m not doing good with drinking milk and I ran out of coconut oil (which I put in my coffee) and the store I went to yesterday didn’t have it in stock.  I’ll check when I go out today.

Remember the on-line gardening course I was taking?  So far, it hasn’t amounted to too much.  I bought one of the books that went with it and it was disappointing.  I accidentally left it on top of the kerosene heater in the bathroom and started it one morning and it got burned.  Luckily it wasn’t a book I cared about.

I finished Barnheart yesterday.  It was a good, quick read.  What was really fascinating is the similarities between our lives and how we operate.  She still hasn’t replied to my e-mail.  She must be too busy.  Also, there seems to be a problem with my e-mail.

Sudi is going to have to find another home.  He’s started running the goats and cows.  I don’t know what triggered it, probably just excess energy fueled by the green grass.  I’m trying desperately to find him another home, but if I do not, I’ll be taking him to the Troutman auction next Friday.  Our livelihood is wrapped up in those goats and cows and I can’t afford to have them injured by what is, essentially, a worthless animal.  I am afraid to ride him.  That’s the way it is and I’m not going to fight it any more.  I’ve written to all of the local people that I know who ride telling them of my decision and hoping that someone will come out of the woodwork to buy him.  If not, we’ll be taking him to the Troutman horse auction next Friday.  I know I’ll take a huge loss on him, but it’s time to make the decision to let him go and stick with it.  If I had someone willing to help me with him, it might be different, but everyone is so busy and I can’t justify the price of gas to get to South Mountain to meet people there.

Until later …