Monday, Monday

It’s still hard to get up in the morning.  The alarm woke us this morning.  Normally, I wake up before the alarm, which is so much nicer.  The alarm startles you out of sound sleep and it sucks!  Wally is off Friday!  Can’t wait!  That means only four days of rude awakening.

We are supposed to go to a horse auction in Troutman.  I’m not terribly keen on going.  I’m about through with horses.  I simply cannot set aside the time to ride.  There’s too much going on.  We talked about bringing Sudi to the Troutman auction to sell him, but I can’t do that.  I’ll just keep trying to sell him out of the house.  He is a nice horse, just not the horse for me.

Yesterday afternoon, Wally and I drove about a half mile from the house where I saw an abandoned lot with a lot of tall, green grass. We picked a huge tub of it and brought it home to the rabbits. I went out early this morning to check them. They all look fine and are begging for more food. We counted last night and we only have four of the rabbits that we started with before the episode with the bad food. The rest of them are either dead (two Cremes, three Chins, one NZ and one CA) or I sold them (one Creme). Sad.  I worry now about feeding them anything, but that the seven young rabbits that are in the tractor continue to thrive, on the ground, on green grass which is evidence that there was something in that commercial food that destroyed their digestive systems.

All that we have left from our original stock is three Chins and one Creme.  I picked up three more adult Chins and a litter of nine Chin babies on Saturday.  I saw them for sale on Craigslist and on a whim, I called the guy to see if he’d bring them to the Farmer’s Market.  I honestly didn’t think that he would, but he did!  They are nice rabbits.  Of the three adults, one is a buck and he’ll become a Roaster Rabbit.  I got them for a really good price and if the kits all survive to fryer size, I’ll more than make the money back.  I sold two of the processed Roaster Rabbits at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday as well as a dozen chicken eggs and a dozen duck eggs.

We have two ducks and one chicken sitting on nests.  The Silver Fox doe started building a nest last night so we gave her a box.  She put all of her hay and grass in it so she had no food this morning!  She’s quite the nest builder.  I hope she does better with her litter this time.  Her sole surviving purebred kit is a buck.  Bummer, but I can possible trade him for a doe down the road so I’ll hold on to him for now.

It rained a good part of the day yesterday, which was actually nice.  Wally and I went to the Goodwill Store in Hickory.  I got several pairs of jeans.  The ones that I have been wearing are so dirty!  They are really not presentable.  I won’t retire them, they still have some life left in them, but I’ll stop wearing them in public.  The sun came out in the afternoon and it got very uncomfortable.  The whole week is going to be in the high 70’s with a chance of thundershowers every day.

On Saturday, Wally had to catch the seven rabbits that were in the tractor.  I left in the tractor in the front of the garden.  I thought they had enough food to keep them overnight, but apparently not.  They dug out (there was some unevenness to the ground so they didn’t have to dig much) and were running around in the garden.  Luckily, they were inside the garden.  That goes to prove my hypothesis that if they have enough food, they are likely to not try to dig out.  They dug out in the corner, which is where I thought they’d dig if they did.  Luckily he caught them without too much trouble.  We put 2″ square wire down on the bottom of the pen where the white rabbits are living.  The does were digging, but they are both bred (hopefully to a Silver Fox buck) so there’s reason for them to dig.  The yard rabbits are digging everywhere.  One has a den in the chicken house and she has kits in it.  Another has a den dug in the goat shelter.  Hopefully that won’t become a problem.

I have to get the garden paths weeded out.  The rabbits don’t care for the weeds that are growing in there now, but Gwen likes them.  I have the herb bed up near the milk parlor partially weeded out and I need to get some manure in there to get the soil more alkaline by adding manure.  Right now, it’s quite acidic from the pine needles that have fallen into it.  The weeds were choking out my rosemary and sage.

I’m tempted to put some tomato seedlings in the ground.  It’s way early, but given what the temperatures are like, it may behoove me to get an early crop of tomatoes and other plants in the ground and hope that they ripen.  It may turn into another bloody hot summer.

Off to milk.

Until later …