The Rabbits …

The rabbits continue to do really, really well.  A Portuguese couple bought one of my Roaster Rabbits on Saturday at the Farmer’s Market. The husband e-mailed me yesterday asking to buy six more! Unfortunately I don’t have six more to sell him, but I do have five, four that need to be processed. We were going to get up early this morning to get it done, but heck, we can just barely get up at 5 AM as it is. I hope that getting up gets easier soon.  I am still so tired.  It has to be allergies.  The high pollen count is all over the news.  Instead of coffee this morning, I’m drinking milk.  Coffee just doesn’t taste good these days.

We got some nice rain yesterday evening.  The grass is growing gang busters!  Wally is making noises about mowing tonight.  Now the war begins!  I need him to leave some portions of the lawn untouched so I can graze the chickens and rabbits.

The plan is to process two of the rabbits tonight and two tomorrow.  They are all large rabbits so cleaning them is more difficult.  The Portuguese couple wanted the heads, but I don’t know if I can skin the head or not.  They also want the organ meat so I’ll have to disappoint the cats.  I wish I did not have to rely on Wally to kill the rabbits, but we have been unable to find a better way to do it.

The goats are all doing well, as is Gwen.  Her milk is almost yellow in color now because of the green grass.  There is a woman who is fencing in 11 acres along side our back pasture.  There is a strip of land in between the pastures.  I can’t wait for her to finish fencing because then I’ll have another grazing area for the cows.  I can’t put the goats or horses in there, but the cows will be fine.

I’ve been meaning to call the dairy where Gwen came from to get another calf to bottle raise.  I guess I’m just not ready to take on that additional chore.  I’m feeling pretty worn out lately.  I’m toying with trying to get Gwen to take the calf and let her nurse him until we need to dry her off in June, but that may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Unfortunately, I need to either go to Hickory or Newton this morning to make a deposit for RHF.  I thought there was a Wachovia Bank in Lincolnton, but there is not.  Bummer.  I want to stay home and get some things done.  I bought a couple of tomato, basil and pepper plants to put in the garden and it desperately needs to be weeded; the rabbits won’t eat the weeds growing in there (Chickweed and Purple Dead Nettle) so I’m not as driven to weed it as I once was.

I might have someone coming out to look at Sudi today.  We’ll see.  I’ve had several people e-mail me looking for a horse for their daughters.  I think that would be fantastic for Sudi, to have a person of his very own.  If I had more time and if my confidence wasn’t shattered, that could have been me.

Yesterday, I heard from the Animal Welfare Approved Institute and they are going to come out to the farm sometime the end of March/beginning of April.  We’ve got a lot to do before then.  I’m hoping we can get two tractors done on Friday, but we may only be able to get one done.  Once it’s done, I’ll try to put a couple of does with older babies in it.  That may not work out, the babies may be too small.  The earliest I can wean any of them is the middle to end of April.  It may be impossible to get Animal Welfare Approved for the rabbits, but I should be able to get it done for the goats and maybe the laying hens.

Okay, I am going to get going and go out to milk.  We left Faith up with the babies last night.  I simply cannot milk her and she’ll need to go to another home in late summer, early fall.  There’s nothing wrong with her, she’s got a nice udder, but her teats are too short and her udder too hard for my hands.  Bella’s teats are short, but her udder, even when full, is soft enough so you can get hold of it.  I can’t get a good enough hold on Faith’s udder to milk her.  We’ll keep her doe kid until next year to see how she freshens.  Hopefully her udder will be easier to milk.

Until later …