I feel like I got run through a woodchipper!

Lovely, huh?  I’d like to swallow a whole bottle of aspirin.  I want to go back to bed.  I don’t know what is the matter with me.  I didn’t sleep well.  Either I’m not getting enough exercise or I’m getting too much.  I expect it’s the latter.  Hopefully it will get better.

Wally is off tomorrow.  Yea!  I keep putting off doing those four rabbits and putting them off and putting them off.  I can’t put them off any longer.  They have to get done tomorrow.  I’m sort of attached to one of the bucks we are going to process.  I call him the Blue Man.  He’s very sweet, but not that sweet.  I have no need for him as a buck and I promised that Portuguese couple five rabbits so I need to deliver.  It is not easy being involved with the kill of animals you raise.

Hopefully I’ll find the Silver Fox doe (Olivia) has kindled (she was bred to Blue Man) and all of her babies are in the nest box where they should be.  She’s much more relaxed than she was during the last kindling.  The yard rabbits have been reproducing, but I have yet to see babies except for one brief glimpse of one sticking its head out of the tunnel.  This rabbit had her den dug in the chicken house.  When I looked at it yesterday afternoon, it was somewhat covered up (from the chickens scratching) so either the babies are out or they may have smothered.  I believe another doe has a nest under the horse trailer.  Luckily we have no plans on moving the horse trailer any time soon.

A mother and her daughter came out to look at Sudi yesterday afternoon.  They seemed to like him.  I’ll know more in a few days.  They’ll be bringing both a vet and a trainer out to evaluate him.  He may be more horse than she needs, but she will board him at the trainer’s so she’ll have plenty of supervision.  He’d be a great horse for her to grow with.  I talked a bit about Ace and the mother asked if I’d be willing to sell both of them.  I suppose I would, but I sort of thought I’d keep Ace.  I can go out and ride Ace pretty much whenever I want and feel comfortable with it.  But, the reality is that I don’t have a lot of time to ride and I’m afraid if I sold Sudi, Ace would have a nervous breakdown.  We’ll see …

I did some weeding in the garden yesterday.  I need to bring the wheelbarrow in there to haul all of the weeds out.  I sure wish the rabbits would eat them.  I found Bermuda grass growing in some areas.  Bermuda grass is a PITA in the garden.  I’ve decided to go ahead and put summer crops in and see how it goes.  I’m really afraid that if it’s close to 80 degrees in March, it may be close to 90 degrees in April or May and who knows what will happen in June, July and August.  Maybe I’ll just have an early crop.  Very few of the seeds I’ve planted germinated.  I think I’m going to throw out all of the seeds that I have and start over.  I don’t think I stored them well enough.  They’ve been in my china cabinet, some in glass jars and some still in the envelopes they came in.  The temperature and humidity in the house is very erratic.  I expect the heat and humidity did them in.  As best as I can tell, there’s no other reason for them to have not germinated.  I sowed almost a whole package of Arugula and very little of it germinated.  Ditto with the spinach.  I see a few beets coming up, but not too many, ditto with the peas.  Frustrating.

I think bending over weeding is why my back hurts.  My arms hurt from milking, weeding and dragging chicken and rabbit tractors.  My hands hurt from milking, dragging chicken and rabbit tractors, weeding, etc.  They are really going to hurt after cleaning those rabbits.

Yesterday afternoon, I let the Cornish X and the dual purpose chicks out of their tractors.  The Cornish X ran around and flapped their wings (they also bump breasts like Sumo Wrestlers) and then went up against the house and laid down until I came out with a bucket of food to put them back up with.  The dual purpose breeds ran around the whole time and it took Gel to get them back up, even when I filled their feeder to try to lure them back in.  I had to pick the Cornish X up to put them back in their tractor (it’s easy to catch them, they knew food was in their feeder so they kept circling the tractor like vultures.  Several of them were really heavy, probably weighing at least five pounds.  In a few more weeks, I’ll take them to be processed.

Well, here it is 7:00 and I’m still sitting at the computer.  Time to get up and get my chores done. Today’s high, high priority is to get an image for the latest newsletter (which is written and approved) and send it to RHF’s owner and hopefully get it published.  I let the chicks out with the intention of getting images, but they were uncooperative.

Until later …