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And that is a good thing!  It’s been way, way, way too hot.  We spent most of the weekend dodging rain drops.  This week is supposed to be dry and much more seasonal.  In fact, tomorrow might be downright chilly!  I went back to drinking coffee this morning.  I hope I won’t regret putting in tomatoes.  I bought five more seedlings on Saturday at the Farmers Market, one of which died on the way home.  Hopefully he’ll replace it.  All five are heirloom varieties.  I also got some wormwood, rue and garlic chives.

This week starts the countdown for getting ready for the Animal Welfare Approved visit.  I still don’t know when they are coming, but I hope they wait until the week that Wally is off work.  I need to back through the standards for goats and laying hens to make sure we are close to where we need to be.

I just started my first meal in a crock pot.  I bought a fresh ham from Rock House Farm on Saturday.  I have been dying to try one; next on the “to try” list is a shoulder, but the fresh hams are on sale.  I was going to use salsa as the base, but instead I’m going to go with garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots and celery.  It will be interesting to see how it comes out.  Hopefully it will be good!  The restaurant lady who sometimes buys meat from Rock House Farm said that was her pork roast of choice.

Last week, I got two days off from milking all of the goats.  Because we had to process four rabbits Friday morning, I elected to leave the babies with their mothers so I wouldn’t have to milk.  I normally do the same thing Saturday morning.  I barely have time to milk one goat and Gwen before I have to leave to go to the Farmer’s Market.

The Farmer’s Market was pretty slow.  I was outside and it rained pretty hard throughout the morning.  Even though we are under cover, if the wind blows, you still get wet.  I was glad that I brought a jacket as it got pretty chilly.  It cleared off in the afternoon, but storms blew through later in the day.  Sunday was on and off rain almost all day.

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I’ve been trying to find someone in North Carolina who has Delaware chicks for sale, but I have been unsuccessful.  I am so dissatisfied with the chicks that we got for $1.  They are very, very poor quality.  The Cornish X chicks, well, they are mutants.  I’ll be very glad when they are large enough to be butchered so I don’t have to look at them any more.  I seriously considered selling them, but they are only a few weeks away from slaughter size so I might as well hold on to them.  I was letting them out during the day, but it’s really not worth it.  They forage very little and they get in the way.  They have absolutely no sense and are always under foot begging for food.  It’s all very, very sad.

I’m trying to get away with milking Gwen just once a day.  She gives over two gallons when I milk her once a day.  Her milk is so bloody beautiful right now!  It’s yellow from the green grass!  With the milk I get this morning, I’m going to make some yogurt and leave the rest of it on the shelf to curd for butter.  Now’s the time to make butter.

I just realized, I feel 100 percent better than I did last week.  Maybe I’m finally adjusting to the time change and I believe with all of the rain, the pollen count is much lower.  I felt miserable most of last week.  Glad that’s passed!

The meal in the crock pot already smells wonderful!

I guess I had better get going.  Ten goats and a cow to milk, plus all the rabbits and chickens to look after.  The American Chinchilla doe that I bought with the nine babies is not doing well.  I expect the stress of raising babies and being moved was too much for her.  I wish I had a cage to put her on the ground as I do think that would help, but I don’t.  I hope she recovers.  Her babies were six weeks old on Sunday and I might separate her from them to see how she does.

Until later …