Rowdy Boy!

We picked-up the young Jersey bull, Poncho and he’s a rowdy boy alright.  We let Gwen go into the pasture with him, but he knocked her down in the mud by bouncing around and into her so we brought her back up.  He’ll settle down.  Like so many herd animals, cows are better with companion cows.  Poncho was living in a pasture by himself and it seems he was starving for bovine companionship.  The younger calf who has been in the pasture will be very happy to have his company.  After I finish milking this morning, I’ll put Gwen back down in the pasture to see if he’s settled down.  Gwen likes the companionship too, but I don’t want her hurt.  Gwen is worth her weight in gold here.

Tonight will be the third day in a row that we’ve had sweet potato fries for supper.  These are homemade sweet potato fries made from sweet potatoes from a local farmer.  I bought a bushel of him a while back and they are starting to rot so we need to get them eaten up.  I just took out a pound of my employer’s sausage that I’ll fry up in my cast iron pan and then top with goat cheese.  That’s become one of our favorite meals.  The goat cheese goes really well with the peppery seasoning of the sausage.  Not much beats sweet potato fries, well my employer’s sausage patties topped with homemade goat cheese might!  I use lard as the “cooking” oil for the potatoes and cook them in cast iron as well.  I need another large cast iron pan.  Love my cast iron pan!

Along with the farm chores we want to get done this coming week, Wally is tasked with tying me to the computer chair to get my record-keeping caught up.  I am employed as an Independent Contractor so I need to pay quarterly taxes.  I have a tax phobia.  I just filed my 2009 taxes.  I still need to do 2010 and 2011.  I get money back, I don’t know why I can’t get them done, it’s a phobia.  It’s going to bite me in the butt one day.

Backing up the computers — that’s going to bite me in the butt too.

I’m not going to have much butt left.  Maybe that’s the subliminal plan.

I didn’t get crap done yesterday.  Hopefully today will be different, but my day may be disrupted by having to drive to Newton to pick up a fresh supply of meat from my employer.  Yesterday was cut up with having to meet a client at noon to deliver meat and then meet Wally at 2:30 to go and pick up Poncho.  Loading him was a little bit difficult, but as always, Gel came to the rescue and got the job done.

Yesterday, I used the ATV to pull the heavy chicken tractor that houses the dual purpose chicks up towards the poultry pasture.  I’m gradually moving them up closer to the poultry pasture which is where this tractor is going to reside for the rest of its useful life.  I didn’t let the Cornish X chicks out yesterday, but I feel bad about that and will let them out tonight.  Want to know how much I want to go and buy a bag of conventional starter/grower to leave in front of them 24/7 so they’ll grow faster so I can get them processed … but I won’t.  I have a failed batch of cheese to mix with their feed (a powdered mixture of oats, barley, alfalfa pellets, kelp, flax seed and minerals) this morning.  They’ll like that!  I don’t mind the dual purpose chicks, they act like chickens should.  The Cornish X, nope, they’re mutant chickens.  No like mutants!

I promised Gwen that I’d start to get her milked earlier in the morning, before the flies got too bad so it’s time to get it done.  It isn’t much earlier, but it’s a start.

Until later …