Count Down to Animal Welfare Approved Inspection

While I milked and then cooked breakfast, Wally trimmed all of the goats’ hooves and wormed them.  That’s two more things off the list of “to dos” before the Animal Welfare Approved inspection on April 16.  Also today, we are going to get a new cover on the rabbit pen and chicken house as well as fixing the back side of the chicken house.  I have no idea if our primitive animal housing is going to be acceptable or not.  During the week, I am going to work on picking up and organizing as well as building up a good bedding base in the various shelters.  Several times next week, Wally is going to swing by the lumber yard and pick up hog fuel to add to what we put down a month or so ago.  The hog fuel has worked really well, especially around the milk room.  It really needs to be replaced in front of the goat shelter.

On Saturday, a man came out and bought all of my remaining Creme d’Argent rabbits.  That breed just doesn’t seem to be working well for this farm’s purposes.  They seem more susceptible to illnesses and they don’t grow off as fast as the American Chinchillas and Silver Fox.  I plan to go to pick up two out-cross Silver Fox does Monday afternoon.  I had crossed two young New Zealand does with a Silver Fox buck (that I had picked up for someone else) and one of them kindled this morning.  It appears the other one didn’t take so she’s living with Claude Hopper (American Chinchilla buck).  My Silver Fox buck is a bit too young to breed yet.  Claude Hopper is getting a lot of action lately.

The rabbit tractors are working reasonably well.  When we move them, we need to be certain that the ground is level so there’s no spaces under the sides of the tractor.  Wally wasn’t careful about where he moved the tractor with the fryers in it on Friday and we had seven rabbits running around that we had to catch.

I probably won’t be able to take them this week because I’ll be too busy getting ready for AWA, but the week after I’ll be taking the Cornish X chickens to be processed.  I will be so glad to get them out of here.  They are beyond disturbing to care for.

On Friday, Wally and I did a sort of stupid thing: we went out to look at a barrel and pole horse.  It was a grey half Arabian gelding and he was listed for a very inexpensive price.  I’m glad we didn’t bring the trailer because we probably would have brought him home which would have been a very stupid thing.  He was in very poor condition, quite like Ace was when we bought him.  This horse might be a better barrel and pole horse than Ace is, but except for trying to run him once, we haven’t worked with Ace on barrels or poles.  There’s a woman not too far from here who does barrel racing lessons and I’m trying to hook with up with her to take some lessons with Ace.

My $&*&$*& farrier never showed up last week and  I am beyond disappointed with him especially since he gave Wally and I a lecture on how he always shows up when he says he will and he expected us to keep with our appointments.  On Thursday, Wally and I went to Southern States and bought the nippers, file and hoof knife and on Saturday while I was at the farmer’s market, Wally trimmed both horses and stripped out Ace’s winter coat and gave him a hair cut.  He looks like a different horse!  He then tried the Western saddle that I bought last fall and had rehabbed  on Ace and it fits him!  I haven’t seen it and I hope he’s right.  The plan is for me to ride Ace today.

That means I need to end this post and get out and get done what I said we were going to get done so I’ll have time to ride.

Until later …