Back to the old routine …

Not so sure I’m happy with it; really not happy with getting up at 5 AM.  Luckily Wally woke up before me and got to the alarm before it went off.  It didn’t make getting up that much easier, but nothing worst than being startled out of the bed by an alarm clock.

Poor Wally, I hate that he has to go back to this job that he no longer cares much for.  He used to enjoy his job, but like so many companies, they’ve restructured and now employees are nothing more than numbers.  He has, I believe, six more years before he can retire.  Time usually goes by quickly, but six years seems like a long time.

Who knows what will happen to me in six years.  My employment situation is no-where-near stable.  I have no health insurance, no retirement fund, oh well.

Today’s goal is to get this house cleaned.  It is beyond disastrous.  I might have to take a road trip to go and pick up some Silver Fox does, but that’s up in the air right now.

I rode Ace yesterday and it went well.  I am not ready to ride Sudi; Ace gave me a good deal of trouble, but no surprise, he hasn’t been ridden in four months or longer.  I’m pleased to report that the Western saddle road well and that it does fit him.  That’s a pleasant surprise.  When I was about through riding, I decided to use him to go down to the bottom of the pasture and bring the cows up.  Gwen was not happy with that method of round-up, but I was able to keep the bull from being a problem.  Gwen is not supposed to be in the pasture with him; it’s too hard getting her out and he’s so rowdy, I’m afraid he’s going to hurt her.  Yesterday morning, I let her out in the side pasture and she went down to the end of the pasture and came in through the back taking down the non-working electric fence.  Wally is going to pick up another battery for the fence so we can keep one charged all the time and switch them out once a week.  So one of the projects we had to get done yesterday was fixing the fence and then clearing the weeds and grass from the fence line.

Another project we got done yesterday was to set up an area to contain broody hens.  We’ve got several of them and they park their feathery butts in the nest boxes interfering with the other hens laying; not to mention they growl and squeal and carry on whenever another hen comes near where they are parked.  They are not happy in their new digs, but if they are truly broody, they’ll settle down and start sitting in there.

We had a baby bonanza yesterday!  We had two rabbits kindle and one of the ducks hatched out her clutch of ducklings: 14 of them!  Who knows how many will survive.  One of the rabbits had 10 kits, I didn’t count the other batch yet, it feels like five or six of them.

I need to keep a close eye on the weather forecast.  There’s a chance we are going to get down close to freezing Wednesday night in which case, I’ll need to cover the beds.  I discovered several volunteer tomato plants coming up in one bed where I have arugula and spinach planted.  When they are a bit bigger, I’ll transplant them to a different bed appropriately spaced.  I mulched the tomato plants I planted a few weeks ago and staked them up.  Now if I can only keep them staked.

Okay, off to my version of the salt mines, but I can’t complain, my “job” is a million times better than any other job I’ve ever held in my entire life.  Too bad it took over 50 years for me to get here.

Until later …