Farmers and raising your own meat

I was talking to Marcus last night about my interest in raising animals more for consumption (by me and my animals) than as training tools.  He then brought up the topic of the wether that I needed to butcher.  Marcus can be elusive, at best.  In fact, I accused him last night of constructing six-foot thick concrete walls around himself.  Marcus said he’d help me butcher this wether, he’s told me this on numerous occasions.  Sarcastically, I said, sure, maybe it will get done when there’s snow on the ground.  I told him that I was extremely self-sufficient and that I could butcher my own wether.  He asked if I was going to shoot it myself.  Whoops, forgot that part of the process.

So, the challenge has been issued.  I guess the fact that I can gut and skin a rabbit faster than he can or can get run into the barn by a bull and come back for more isn’t going to be enough to impress this farmer.  I’m going to have to figure out a way to butcher livestock start to finish.  Not sure I’m going to be able to do that.

I must stop naming my livestock.  This particular wether does have a name, Joey.  Joey is a pain in the butt and he does need to go into the freezer.  He’s likely full Dorper.  He’s heavy and carries a lot of wool.  He is dumpy when being worked.  I should be able to get a good 100 pounds of meat off him.

Guess I’ll need to re-learn how to shoot a gun …

Speaking of livestock that is a pain in the butt, those Mexican Jumping Bean Sheep  are right up there with Joey.  I was working Fern on the group of lambs on Sunday.  Fern is quick and intense on stock, but she’s not overly grippy nor does she work too close.  Not sure how anyone trains dogs on hair sheep given they are so skittish.  I really need to get myself a good, solid group of working sheep and keep them at my house and not breed them.  Anyway, when Fern took a pass around the sheep keeping them to me, one of the Mexican Jumping Bean Sheep catapulted over the fence.  Damn sheep, they are wrecking my fences by doing this. 

Last night I reminded Marcus that he promised me some goats and that if I couldn’t get them soon, I was going to buy my own.  He was being quite accomodating last night and told me I’d have them this weekend and how many did I want?  I’ll try not to hold my breath on that promise either.

Men … I now know why I’ve put men on the shelf for so many years.  They are extremely frustrating creatures, to say the least.  I’m lucky to have found one who is willing to lend me cattle and goats and is extremely sexy to boot. (big smile)