Avoiding corn and crap

It’s hard to toe the line and just say no to corn and soy in our livestock feed.  There are so many times, probably just about every day, that I think it would be so much easier if I’d just go to a feed store and buy their pre-mixed feed.  I always stop myself.  I worry that my animals are not getting what they need, yet they all look good.  My rabbits are doing well, they are having large litters and are raising them up.  The chickens and ducks are laying and reproducing.  The goats are giving plenty of milk.  Of course, there’s the work factor.  I have to mix up grain.  I soak the poultry grain in raw milk to increase the protein level of the whole grains and to make the mixture more digestible.  I let the mixture sit for a day or more so the milk will sour, which really raises the digestibility, but it makes for a nasty mess and it’s hard to feed.  It will be easier when get down to a smaller group of chickens, but that won’t be until late summer/early fall.

But, I know, in my gut that feeding corn and soy to my critters is not the best for them.  If I could source affordable non-GMO corn, I might feed some to the chickens, especially in the winter, but right now, 50 pounds of organic, non-GMO corn is more expensive than 50 pounds of organic, non-GMO alfalfa.  I choose to feed alfalfa over corn.

So, I only have a little bit of time here, then I need to go out to milk because we’ve gone from winter to summer, yet again.  It’s going to be in the mid-eighties to low-nineties this week with little chance for rain.  I’m trying to get as much as I can done early in the AM before it gets too hot.  I have to go to Hickory this morning to do a few errands, then I plan to come back and try to get more things done outside, if I can tolerate it.  I’ve got tomato and basil plants to get in the garden as well as green bean seeds.  Hopefully, the frost danger is now past.  It sure as heck ought to be.

Yesterday, I rendered three pounds of lard, worked in the garden until the gnats drove me out, did my usual chores, ran down and caught six escaped rabbits, harvested grass and weeds for the rabbits, worked on my work stuff, used my sourdough starter to make a sponge, which is bubbling away, I’ll finish the loaf when I get home from Hickory, hoping that it will turn out.  I have some beef short ribs in the crock pot with some barbeque sauce cooking away, made a large batch of potato salad yesterday and started a batch of tuna and egg pasta salad.  Pretty stupid to turn the oven on to make bread, but I want to see how it comes out.  Making bread is something that I really want to master.

I love my job, I really, really do, but it’s stressing me to the max.  I cannot get the owner of the farm to give me the tools I need to do my job.  I’m loosing sleep over it.  Hopefully something will break soon.

Well, I guess I had better get out and get it done.

Until later …



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  1. I’m happy for you in your new job because it is allowing you to do the research and work for new projects that you didn’t have time for before. Everything you are learning is helping your new employer at the same time because it’s about sustainability in the long run.

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