Not again!

The upcoming forecast is for extreme heat, a heat wave in fact and summer still hasn’t officially started yet.  As I write this, it is 12:30 and the temperature at home is 88 degrees.  I don’t think I can survive another summer like last year.  At least we are getting some rain, but no where near enough.  I should have watered my garden last night, but I didn’t and it will likely be very wilted when I get to it tonight.

It did cool off a bit last night after I got home from work and I got out on the bike.  I did the same route I did on Friday and it was easier than it was on Friday.  I think the dogs may be wondering why I am not devoting all (or most) of my time to them like I usually do.  They’ll survive.  Tonight is their night to do stuff.  Not sure what I will do with them given the heat.  We’ll have to make do.