Working in the garden

Yesterday morning, I spent as much time as I could stand (due to the heat) in the garden.  Basically, I hauled four large wheelbarrow-fulls of partially composted forage and rabbit manure from the rabbit barn down to the garden.  As I was hauling it down there, I realized how much I like having rabbits in their tractors (we’ve got four rabbit tractors in the yard now) and how maybe we should have installed the rabbit barn down near the garden.  After all, one of the reasons we got the rabbits, well, really, the reason we got the rabbits was for their manure.  The meat rabbit idea came after we decided to get rabbits and realized if we were going to feed rabbits, we might as well have ones that we could eat.  The on-site rabbit manure closed the circle of the farm.  Now with the rabbits and their manure, I don’t have to bring in any outside manure for the garden.  There’s a place right near the garden, in good shade and pretty level where we could install a ShelterLogic rabbit barn.  We could run a hose down for water and keep their feed barrels near the barn, just like we do in the poultry pasture.  Down by the garden, there would be less chicken traffic, no goat traffic and I think they’d be just as well shaded as they are in the poultry pasture.  I wouldn’t have to haul manure quite so far to get it into the garden or to carry garden scraps to the rabbits.  The plan has been that as soon as Tractor Supply puts the ShelterLogics on sale (around Memorial Day) we’ll buy another one, install that cover on our first ShelterLogic (its cover is all but shredded) and use the frame to make a larger chicken shelter.  If we used that frame to make a rabbit barn down near the garden, we could leave the original rabbit barn where it is and convert it into a chicken shelter.  We could even leave the rabbit cage racks where they are converting them to chicken perches and build newer, better designed ones for the new rabbit barn.  It’s an idea.  I broached it with Wally, but all that’s on his mind right now is mowing the lawn.  He’s obsessed about mowing the lawn.

Earlier this morning, I was feel pretty sorry for myself.  You may have read the post I put up yesterday morning entitled Stress where I spoke of the stress I’ve been experiencing due to my job.  I had a long talk with my employer and I thought things were on the right track so I deleted the post (just in case he’s reading this journal).  This morning, I logged into Facebook and discovered I had been removed as administrator of their page.  Of course, he’s not returning my e-mails, texts or voice-mails asking why.  Quite typical of him.

Well, whatever.  I’ll do what I can do for him, to the best of my ability and continue doing as much as I can here to make us more self-sufficient.  There are some things I’m doing really well, other things that I’m terribly bad at, like the garden.  I even turned off the computer and took a little bit of a nap, but turned it back on, logged onto Facebook to see if maybe my administrator privileges have been re-instated (they have not).  Then I read this post.  Damn, for all my stress, worries, aggravations, fear of impending doom, etc. my life is pretty darned good because, as far as I know, I have my health.  I don’t know this woman, I can’t recall even reading many of her posts, but I read this one and realized, screw my employer.  I’m not going to worry about him any more.  When he wants me to do something, he can ask for me to do so and I’ll do it, to the best of my ability, with a smile.  Until then, I’m going to keep working on this farm and cherish each and every moment of it.  I am pretty darned lucky for what I have here.

Until later …