Greetings from the Spellcast Farm Goat Dairy

Yes, we are a dairy.  We are not certified, we’ll never be certified because we can’t afford the infrastructure necessary to be certified, but it’s time I start to run this operation like a dairy and that means keeping better records when it comes to the goats, how they produce, their pedigrees, etc.  Last week, I completed all of the back registration transfers that I’ve accumulated and sent them off to AGDA.  They’re back now so I need to get going and register all of the goat kids that I’ve kept.

Recently, I was offered a deal I could not refuse: a proven Saanen buck from a high-end local (certified) dairy.  I am going to cross this goat with my Saanen, half-Saanen and Oberhasli does.  We are getting back an Alpine buck that I bred late summer and I’ll cross him with the Alpine does.  We decided to use a Saanen for most of the goats because the kids will be larger and grow off a bit faster than the other breeds.  If we are going to use the buck kids for meat, it would be better if they were as big as possible.  Unfortunately, most of the kids will be white, but they’ll be big.  I’m crossing him with the Oberhasli does because I am trying to breed towards softer udders.  The Oberhaslis seem to have tough udders, they require more hand strength to milk out.  The Saanens have very soft, easy to milk udders.  This buck, crossed with my new Saanen does ought to produce some really nice kids.

As I write this, Wally is out weed whacking.  I’m sure he’d love to be able to spray Round-up so he doesn’t have to do as much weed whacking, but we are a pesticide and herbicide-free farm.

We need rain, bad!  There was a 50 percent chance of rain yesterday, but we got only a few drops. It looks like rain today, but I don’t think it is supposed to.  At least it’s cooled off some.

Until later …